Our Team

Our team

Founders & Directors


 Cheyne Kent 

President & Director MMUSA; Managing Director MMB, Managing Director MMAU, Director MMGL

Cheyne is a co-founder and board member of Mont Marte companies, with 20 years’ experience in the Art Supplies industry. He maintains expertise and oversight in all aspects of the business, including product development, sales, marketing, finance, and operations. He is responsible for key management across all teams ensuring smooth business development, profitability, and growth.



Bob Kent 

Co-founder & Director Mont Marte International

Bob is a co-founder and board member of Mont Marte, drawing on 15 years’ experience building a chain of Discount Variety Stores in addition to 20 years’ directly managing Mont Marte. He has extensive knowledge of brand and product development, import and export, and international retail operations and sales. Bob was determined fill a whole in the market and create an Art Supply company that was accessible and affordable, so anyone could explore art.



Carol Kent

Co-founder & Director Mont Marte International

Carol is a co-founder and board member of Mont Marte, overseeing operations and product development for more than 20 years. She has extensive experience in creative design, branding, logistics, and product growth, working with international distributors to reach creators worldwide.



Chen Feng

Co-founder & Director MMCN & MMGL

Chen is one of the founders of both Mont Marte Global and Mont Marte China. Drawing on extensive experience in product development, online sales, and distribution, he has customised Mont Marte products to meet the Chinese demographic, building our Brand presence globally. He is an on-ground support for manufacturing quality control and works collaboratively will all key stakeholders to uphold Brand safety, quality, and environmental standards. 


Senior Management Team


Salome Van Herp

MMB Marketing Manager

Salome is the Marketing Manager for the Brand, with more than 19 years of experience in the sector. She oversees brand marketing and content development across digital, in-store, and social platforms, working to spread brand awareness and drive retail and consumer sales. She manages the Marketing Team to create and optimise content, drive engagement, and grow the Brand and its customer base globally.



Gina Serfontein

MMB Creative Design Manager

Gina is the head of Creative Design at Mont Marte, managing the development of packaging and branding imagery for products and collateral. She has more than 25 years of experience in design and through the line advertising and marketing, with diverse industry knowledge to support the Mont Marte Team.



Rebecca Cohen

MMB, MMAU, MMUSA Accounts Manager

Rebecca draws on strong working knowledge of the accounts sector to manage financial operations for the Mont Marte Brand, Mont Marte Australia, and Mont Marte USA. With over 20 years’ experience in the finance industry, she is responsible for invoice, purchase, and payroll administration, working across departments to create financial congruence.



Shelagh Bell

MMB, MMAU Administration & HR Manager

Shelagh oversees the Mont Marte Brand and Mont Marte Australia’s administration and HR, ensuring utmost compliance company-wide. She has extensive industry knowledge and experience, staying up to date with changes in legislation and practices to protect employees, management, customers, and stakeholders.  



Kelly-Anne Adams

MMAU, MMUSA Purchasing Manager

Kel, Purchasing Manager for Mont Marte Australia and Mont Marte USA, skilfully oversees the strategic procurement of high-quality art supplies, leveraging her experience managing supply chains. Her collaborative approach and commitment to staying up-to-date with industry trends ensures her stock management meets identified demographics and data.


Shen Xingrong

Shen Xingrong

MMGL General Manager

Shen oversees Mont Marte Global operations and distribution. He has extensive experience in international product development, import, and export, helping to establish our Brand across the globe. He has a strong understanding of production and manufacturing to underpin his management of MMGL's day-to-day operations.



Mike Zhang

MMCN General Manager

Mike manages the day-to-day operations for Mont Marte China, drawing on extensive industry experience to inform his strategy. He has a strong understanding of product development, design, and distribution, overseeing the creation of supplies made to target our Chinese demographic.



Jared Cosford

MMGL & MMUSA Sales Director

One of the founding employees of Mont Marte, Jared was recognised for 20 years’ experience in the Art Supplies Industry. He also has a further 12 years’ experience in export and global sales operations, and 4 years’ experience in the USA retail market. Jared assists in operational management, using his expertise in product distribution and marketing strategies to manage MMGL and MMUSA sales.



Ronald Holleman

MMUSA VP & National Sales Manager

Ronald has 15 years’ experience in the USA Arts and Crafts industry. He is proficient in guiding global companies to establish a strong presence and achieve tangible business results in the US market. He is responsible for overseeing operational, team, sales, and brand management for Mont Marte in the US.



Tanya Cook

MMAU Operations Manager

Tanya utilises her 24 years of operational experience to oversee Mont Marte Australia’s product holding, distribution, and management. She is confident leading a team and ensures our operations are optimised for customer, stockist, distributor, and stakeholder satisfaction.



Kylie Bush-Cosford

MMAU National Sales & Customer Service Manager

Kylie is responsible for managing the Australian Sales Team and growing wholesale accounts nationally. She handles many key accounts personally, fostering strong relationships to drive business growth. With a hands-on approach and years of experience in account management, Kylie plays a crucial role in ensuring Mont Marte Australia’s continued success in the competitive art supplies market. She has a proactive communication style and strong strategic insight.