07 Jul 2022Mont Marte

Grab your pens and pencils and open to a fresh page in your sketchbook, here are 11 easy drawing ideas to get you inspired. Often thinking of what to draw is the hardest part so we have pulled together some simple drawing ideas to kick start your next sketch!


1. Bear
A cartoon style brown bear drawn in a simplistic style with a light blue background behind it.

Animals are always a great source of inspiration so why not try your hand at drawing this fun-loving bear. Made up of various shapes, you can tackle this one whichever way you wish. We'd say sketch it first, then erase the lines and outline with markers once you're finished.


2. Camping in a snow globe
Minimalist drawing of a small tent inside a snow globe drawn in black marker on a black background.

Create a small camping scene like this neat idea! Give your camping tent a whole new world by adding in a snow globe like this whimsical drawing. Your lines don’t need to be perfect, in fact, curved, uneven lines make the drawing all the more whimsical.


3. Dog
A marker drawing of a cartoon dog standing up on its hind legs.

Show your fur baby some love and draw them next time you're playing around with markers. Reach for a thick marker and unleash your creative spirit, it'll also help to accentuate the bold lines.


4. Galaxy vase
A vase with orange planets and greenery with stars inside the vase, drawn on a black background.

Looking for something a little different? Break out the metallics and draw a galaxy vase on black paper or card. Add in various sized dots as stars and small details inside and outside the jar.


5. Moon
A minimalist style moon with greenery and flowers inside the moon crescent..

We’re over the moon, with this easy drawing idea! Try it free hand or cut out a piece of black paper/card into the shape of crescent, then grab a metallic gel pen or marker to add in small lines and details, it's totally up to you!


6. Beach line landscape
A beach landscape drawing drawn in a continuous line style with a hand holding the marker at the bottom right hand side of the page.

Itching for a holiday? Transport yourself to a coastal getaway and give this line landscape drawing a go. The best part? We've got all of the steps you need to follow along, check out our project here.


7. Rose
A simple, continuous line drawing of a rose drawn in black marker without the line taken off the page.

We love a simple drawing that showcases something beautiful. This rose can be drawn by beginning at the top of the rose with a spiral and working your way down. Work without taking the pen off of the page. Finish by adding a shadow with a few lines, then you're ready to show it off!


8. Dog at sunrise
Drawing of a dog chasing ducks at sunrise drawn with two lines to have a 3D affect.

With this continuous line drawing, try holding two pens of different colours in the same hand. Your secondary colour will become the shadow of the first colour and create a 3D effect. There are so many possibilities with this technique - the easy sketch ideas are limitless!


9. An abstract take on a classic
Girl with the pearl earing drawn in a continuous line drawing style.

Wanting something a little more abstract? Look no further then this Picasso-style drawing of a Girl with a Pearl Earring! Have a go at this idea or try your own face, making up each segment with different shapes and sizes.


10. Female portrait drawing
Continuous line drawing of a female holding a mug, hand holds a pen at the bottom right hand side of the page.

Not sure where to start your easy drawing? Or still looking for some inspo? Either way, this portrait line drawing is worth trying out. We've got the steps you need to draw your own line drawing here. These artworks are easy to draw and also make for stunning home decor pieces, so once you're finished, grab a frame and proudly show off your work!


11. Geometry is cool 

Geometric sketch of a mountain bordered by a diamond frame with directional lines used to create dimension and shading


Check out this geometric sketch of a mountain. The concept is simple, but the direction of the lines creates great dimension in the mountain scene. We could see this as a potential tattoo idea! Check out the project video to learn how to do this at home!


Looking for more? Try your hand at these 8 minimalist line art ideas and create something uniquely yours. Need supplies? Check out our range of pens and pencils to stock up!

We hope that you feel inspired and ready to start drawing. Try these for yourself, #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook, we’d love to see what you create.