Who we are

Nothing should get in the way of making art. It should be fun. It should be freeing. And it should come naturally to everyone.

That’s what Mont Marte is all about. We want to make art easier to create. We want to encourage everyone to follow their imagination. To make whatever takes their fancy. And to simply have a great time expressing themselves.

And while our business is to supply the tools, we also supply plenty of encouragement, and a heap of inspiration – so everyone feels empowered to create.

About us

Aussie-established, Mont Marte was founded by Bob, Carol,
and Cheyne Kent in Brisbane, Queensland. Starting small by selling canvases,
the brand soon grew to offer more than 2,000 art tools and products to creators
across the globe! Enabling and empowering people to explore their creativity is
what we do, and we’re always looking for new ways to inspire.

We’re proud to…

Art is fun, it’s freeing, and it should come naturally to
everyone. We’re here to make creating feel possible, no matter your skills,
experience, or style. Get curious and create!

Our family

Mont Marte Pty Ltd (Mont Marte Brand, MMB) is based in Brisbane, Australia and the HQ for branding, innovation, quality assurance, and design.

Mont Marte Australia (MMAU) started in 2003 in Brisbane, Australia. With more than 50 employees, MMAU distributes across Australia direct to consumer and business to business.

Mont Marte Global (MMGL) was established in 2009 as a joint venture company in China’s Anhui province. With 100+ employees, MMGL is fast growing and distributes products globally.

Mont Marte China (MMCN) was established in 2009 as the licensed distributor for Mont Marte products across China. They’re based in the Anhui province, with 150+ employees right next to the MMGL DC and office.

Mont Marte USA (MMUSA) was established in 2020 after success on the American Amazon marketplace. With a small team, this fresh company is on track to grow product distribution across the US.

Our mission

Our mission is to enable and empower everyone to explore their creativity.

We believe art is not for the elite few and that everyone should be given a fair go. That’s why we create a wide range of art materials and put them in places you visit every day.

We partner with like-minded suppliers to offer great quality without the art store price tag. So that whether you know your way around a canvas, or if you’ve never picked up a paint brush before, you can count on real value for money across all our ranges.

No matter where you are on your creative journey, our free art projects and inspiring content are there to spark your creativity and free the artist within.

You might draw, scribble, sculpt or paint. Or you might create in a totally different way. You might think you’re an artist. And you might not think it’s art.

All we know is that you can create. And we’re your biggest fan.

Our history

2003 – First canvases arrived in Australia, &
Mont Marte was born!

2007 – Mont Marte’s Art Centre retail model launched in Australia

2010 – Mont Marte Global & Mont Marte China
established to reach more creators

2010 – Mont Marte launches on a global scale at Messe
Frankfurt Creative World

2010 – Began publishing free art lessons online to
inspire everyday people

2016 – Mont Marte’s American debut on Amazon.com

2019 – Mont Marte USA established in Texas

2021 – Mont Marte moves to its new Head Office
location in Queensland, Australia

2022 – Mont Marte Australia launches e-comm to
augment availability and drive awareness