12 Jan 2024Mont Marte
Craft DIY Fabric paint

How to paint an octopus with fabric paints

Painting surface preparation

-   Tape the downloadable project outline onto the back of your sketchbook

-   Slide the sketchbook into the T-shirt

-   Flip it over and use gaffer tape to stretch the fabric taut

-   Flip the shirt back over, ensuring the outline is visible through the fabric


Painting Process

Base Colour Application:

-   Outline the highlight area on the head and around each eye – you won’t be using the base colour in these areas

-   Use the Pink Fabric Paint Stick to lay in the base colour

-   Use the edge of the stick for sharp lines

-   Allow the Octopus and tentacles to dry for about 5 minutes or use a hair dryer for quicker drying


Octopus outline:

-   Carefully outline the Octopus using a Purple Fabric Marker

-   The bullet tip will keep your line a consistent weight

-   Draw in the eyes, leaving the white parts free of colour

-   Add details like the mouth, eyebrows, and markings on the right side of the head

Enhancing the features:

-   Use a Red Fabric Marker over the pink on the underside of the tentacles for added interest

-   Use the Purple Puffy Fabric Paint to add suckers on the tentacles

-   Use a Blue Fabric Marker to paint the eyes


Sealing fabric paint

-   Allow the paint to fully dry

-   To make your design last, iron the paint through a piece of paper to set

-   You can wash the fabric on a cold cycle, turned inside out

-   Pop on your easy shirt painting and wear it on the town!


*Note: The canvas tote bag included in the set won't be used in this lesson. Feel free to explore it in your own time!

  • Fabric Art Set (includes: 9 Fabric Paint Sticks, 6 Fabric Markers, 6 Puffy Fabric Paints)
  • Sketchbook
  • White T-shirt
  • Pencil
  • Gaffer tape
  • Outline reference sheet (download from this project page)
  • Hair dryer (optional)

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