04 Oct 2022Mont Marte

The days are warming up and flowers are starting to bloom, meaning it’s time to grab the paint brushes out and spring into action with these 15 simple spring art ideas!

1. Falling flowers

Colourful watercolour flower painting with a watercolour well on top.
Image: creativeingrid

Reach for the watercolours like this simple spring art idea of falling flowers on a forest floor. Experiment with a bunch of different springtime flowers from daffodils, tulips to lily flowers, don’t forget the tiny buds and leaves too. Plus, by using watercolours, you’ll be able to create a light transparent look, to replicate the sun shining beneath the flowers.

2. Bright bunny

Impressionist style bunny artwork.

Image: trishaadamsartist

Go down an Impressionist rabbit hole and try a bright, beautiful bunny. This abstract springtime scene can be created with a palette knife to create choppy blocks of colour. The best part? It doesn’t have to be perfect! Work quickly, have fun, and add rough shapes, play with colours and textures, then let the eye bring the scene all together. Our dimension acrylic will work wonders to create texture with your acrylics, so you can get an oil paint textured effect without the oil paint.

3. Flower meadows

Flower meadow design drawn in alcohol markers on a light cream background.
Image: artworks.by.deborah

In need of a simple spring art idea? Reach for the marker pens and get doodling with this flower meadow, springtime scene idea. We love the simplicity of this spring drawing, with little details added to the flower petals and leaves. If you find some negative space in your drawing and you’re looking to cover it up, take a leaf out of this idea and add small dots to bring the artwork together.

4. Cherry blossoms

Three cherry blossom artworks hanging in a bright pink, coloured room.
Image: meadow.art

Spring means cherry blossom season! If you’re lucky enough to jump on a plane and see these beauties for yourself, why not use them as creative inspiration for your next piece. For the rest of us, who might not be as lucky to touch down in Japan, let these precious blooms spring to mind next time you’re thinking of getting the paints out with this simple spring art idea.
Think pastel pinks, whites, dusty pinks or brighter pinks and purples for clusters of cherry blossoms.

5. Scaling a spring nature scene
Spring time scene of mountains with pastel sky on a mini canvas.
Image: paepapoe.art

We love this springtime scene of cool mountains with a pastel sunset and wildflowers, on a small canvas. If you’re in need of creative challenge, try pushing yourself and your scenery with scale to create something smaller or taller than usual.

6. Flowers in the evening
Acrylic abstract flowers painted on a black wooden board background.
Image: emmadaisy

Get the creative juice flowing simply by switching up the time of your scenes, like this simple spring art idea. Use a black gessoed canvas or board and paint your spring blooms over the top to switch up the mood of your scenes and look like they’re set in the evening. Plus, the dark coloured canvas is a sure-fire way to make your colours pop.

7. Bringing abstract scenes inside
Colourful abstract painting on a blue pot plant.
Image: kerry_evitts_art

Take a walk on the wild side and dip into an abstract scene or take it an extra step further and experiment using ceramic paints. This simple spring art idea is a great way to try painting in spring colours and dial up your potted pals around the house or add a touch of spring to your garden and homewares, all while experimenting with an abstract style.

8. Spring still life

Spring still life with orange tulips and a blue vase painted in acrylic on canvas.
Image: altheagrace_art

A still life can be a fun way to try a simple spring art idea. One of the best things about this is that you don’t need a lot to get started. A vase with flowers, is a great starting point. Sketch your drawing onto the canvas then reach for your paint brushes and get creative! If you’re looking for a bit of fun or texture to your spring painting, give impasto or dimension acrylics a go. They’re easy to use and can be mixed in with your regular acrylics to add interest and texture to your art.
Need some help? We created an expressionist flower project to show you how to create your own expressionist still life.

9. Spring desert

Desert in bloom artwork of a desert in spring with flowers blooming.
Image: katienelson_artist 

Who’d have thought a desert in the springtime would look so stunning! We love the colour of this desert with wildflowers and colourful, spring tree growth covering the sand and extending to the tall mountains. Next time you’re stuck for ideas, try something unexpected like this springtime scene and dip into a bright colour palette, then later add some darker, earthy tones.

10. Watercolour blooms
Watercolour artwork of different coloured circles with orange and peach flowers.
Image: inkandnibs

If you’re still stuck for a simple spring art idea, take a dip into watercolours. Experiment with rounded shapes of different colours and angular shapes for leaves. Once you’re finished you can turn your watercolour painting into a stunning greeting card or gift-wrapping.

11. Go gouache
A gouache artwork of red flowers painted against a turquoise background.
Image: the_artsychoke 

This simple spring art idea makes us want to get the gouache paints out and give it a go too. Gouache is a bit like watercolour, it’s a fun medium to use, it’s compatible with water but dries opaque like paint, meaning you can create bold, colourful spring flower art like this with a velvety matte finish and have it dry in no time!

12. Pastel abstract
A colourful abstract painting with green, blue and pinks.
Image: corinne_allgaier

Dip into spring pastels and unleash your creativity with an abstract painting. There are no rules when it comes to abstract, simply grab your colours, a paint brush (or two) and see what happens. Experiment with shapes, sizes, colours and textures but most of all, just have fun!

13. Whimsical still life
A green, blue and pink whimsical still life.
Image: nancysalamouny

Still life artworks certainly don’t need to be a traditional oil painting, this simple spring art idea shows that a still life can be packed full of fun too. Experiment with size and colour and try a spring flower still life for yourself next time you’re looking for some inspo.

14. Talk about texture

An impressionist style sunset painted with layers using a palette knife.
Image: expressionbynada

Looking for a new way to create? Try picking up a palette knife and painting a spring scene. Impasto is an acrylic medium that can be mixed directly with your acrylic paints, before going onto the canvas and it’s a great way to add texture to palette knife paintings.

15. Getting into the garden

Colourful mushroom design painted in acrylic on canvas.

Image: kirstie.connon.art

Calling all green thumbs and plant lovers, this one is for you. This colourful mushroom idea is a fun take on a spring scene. It can help to sketch your design onto a canvas using a graphite pencil before taking to the brushes, then have fun playing with size, colour and patterns.

Not ready to tackle these yet but still looking for a simple spring weekend project? Try this painted ladybug pot with ceramic paints. It’s super easy to create and we’ll step you through everything you need, to create your very own painted pot.

We hope that you feel inspired by these simple spring art ideas and try them for yourself. Be sure to tag us #montmarteart or @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook, we’d love to see what you create.