30 Mar 2022Mont Marte
Craft DIY Paint

Make a ladybug painted pot with ceramic paints

Let your creativity fly with this cute ceramic paint pot project. In this video, we’re showing you how to make your own ladybug painted pot using ceramic paints to add a little bit of creativity to your garden, plant family or balcony.

Extra materials you'll need: 

  • Ceramic pot
  • Medium paint brush
  • Small, detail paint brush

To start, grab a ceramic pot and dip into some red ceramic paint with a small flat brush.

Begin painting a circular shape for the body and fill the shape with colour.

Hand paints a pink ceramic pot with red paint on a brush to paint the lady bug's body.

Work your way around the pot with this shape, leaving room for grass at the bottom.

Keep your hand inside the pot and rotate the pot as you work, this will keep both your work and your hands clean.

Progress of the red circles painted around the pink pot to show multiple lady bug bodies.

Apply a second coat for a smoother finish and stronger colour.

Hand adds a second coat of red paint to strengthen the colour of the lady bug's body on the pink pot.

Grab a thicker flat brush and dip into the green for grass, create a band of colour on the bottom.

Green paint on a thick brush is used to add green grass to the bottom of the pot.

Flick the brush upwards to create grass. You can also use a thin rounder or liner brush if you’re looking for subtle grass. Continue to add crisscross brush strokes to create grass.

Add a second coat of green if needed to strengthen the colour if you need. 

Liner brush is used to flick the green paint upwards to look like detailed blades of grass.

Dip the small brush into black to paint a line and head for the lady bug.

Paint on a fine brush adds black detail to the lady bug's body and details to the bug's shell.

Add small spots to the body too and two antennas

More detail is added to the lady bug's shell with more spots added on a thin brush using black ceramic paint.

Continue to work your way around the pot, strengthen the outline of the body if you need. 

If you make a mistake, wipe off quickly with water.

Antennas are added to the head of the lady bug with the last few details being added on a thin brush with black ceramic paint.

Add the final touches. All done!

Finished shot of a pink ceramic pot on a Mont Marte banding wheel with a lady bug design brightly painted all over.

Material List

  • Ceramic Paint Signature 6pc x 20ml (0.7oz)

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