01 Jul 2024Mont Marte

If you’re looking for easy paper craft ideas, you’ve come to the right place! These projects are great to do as a family, so your little artist learns to express themselves through art. Whether it’s for the holidays, weekend, or an after-school activity, we’ve got you sorted! Browse inspiring ideas from loads of talented artists below.

Accordion paper heart

@emaloukidsartcraft 12 rainbow heart crafts with paper spring limbs


Image: @emaloukidsartcraft

DIY a paper heart family to stick up on the walls or fridge! These guys are fun to make, from the accordion Craft Paper limbs to the rainbow Watercolour designs. Have a go at home and put your own spin on it by drawing all kinds of expressions!

Chick paper craft

@doro__creative Card and paper eggs on sticks with chicks breaking through


Image: @doro__creative

Get creative with tearing paper to make these simple chick crafts. The feather poking out from the Craft Paper shell is an easy way to boost the cute-factor – plus it’s soft to touch! Make your chicks different colours by swapping out the white paper with any shade you like.

Picasso craft

Picasso style paper collage portrait being drawn on


Grab your Pencils and some Coloured Paper to DIY this Picasso-inspired self-portrait! We’ll walk you through the activity from start to finish – just follow along with our how-to video. It’s simple once you know how!

Fish paper art

@julstick Pink and red scaled paper fish on a string


Image: @julstick

This talented art teacher worked with her students to make a Paper Card scaled fish! Pick out your fave colours and work together with loved ones to create scales for a cardboard fish. Add a string to the back and it becomes a DIY decoration for around the house or on the Christmas tree.

Rainbow paper chain

@emaloukidsartcraft Rainbow coloured paper chains in a pile


Image: @emaloukidsartcraft

This DIY garland is easy to make and super colourful for your next event! Just cut strips of Coloured Paper or Card and create hoops. Staple or tape the first one closed and then thread the next hoop onto the first one, seal, and keep going. This is a great activity for all age groups to explore crafting.

Paper craft penguin

@doro__creative Egg carton penguin craft with dried flora and scissors around


Image: @doro__creative

Save your egg carton next time you’re done with it so you can make these adorable penguins! Grab some white Acrylic Paint, a spare paper roll, googly eyes, scissors, glue, and of course the carton, and you’re good to go.

Paper fish

Paper scaled koi fish being held surrounded by craft paper


Get crafty with Coloured Paper and toilet paper rolls to make these colourful koi fish. We’ll show you how to cut and stick the scales and tail – just follow along with our how-to video to see more! What colour combos would you pick?

Toilet paper roll craft

@pova_lala Toilet paper red riding hood and wolf craft


 Image: @pova_lala

It turns out, toilet paper rolls are handy when it comes to crafting. This artist cut and painted her spare rolls to tell a story – Red Riding Hood! Grab some Acrylic Paints (and maybe some Paint Pens to make colouring the expressions easier) and decorate your rolls with your fave fairytale.

Rainbow with paper plate

@emaloukidsartcraft Rainbow paper plate crafts with cotton woool and glittery clouds


Image: emaloukidsartcraft

Make your own rainbow decorations with paper plates, cotton balls, colourful wool, glitter, glue, and paints! The round paper plates are easy to cut into the shape of a rainbow, and the cotton balls make great clouds. You can also create sparkly clouds by cutting the leftover plate to shape and adding some glitter! Extend the colours by dangling rainbow wool from the clouds for some extra pizzazz!



Fingers crossed, this helps cure boredom and give your little artists something to do! Paper crafts are simple, fun, and can make great decorations. If you decide to try out one of the ideas above, #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to see what you come up with! Pick up some Acrylic Paints, Craft Paper, Glue, and Glitter to kick off your project.


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