27 Jan 2022Mont Marte

Looking to dabble in pour painting? We don’t blame you! This art trend is taking the world by storm, with so many pouring styles to decorate all kinds of spaces. If you're keen to splash some paint about and try it yourself, we’ve made a guide to all the pouring products you’ll want to get started.

Premium Pouring Acrylic Paint 120ml (4.05oz)
Hand pouring paint from the Mont Marte Pouring Acrylic.

If you’re after a no-fuss paint to pour straight onto your canvas, our Premium Pouring Acrylic Paint is the choice for you. This 120ml size is best for decorative use, coming in silver, gold and rose gold.

Premium Pouring Acrylic Paint 240ml
Red and pink colour range of Mont Marte Premium Pouring Acrylic Paints in 240ml.

Wanting more? Enjoy extra colour options with this larger bottle size in our pouring range. With the same properties as the 120ml Pouring Acrylic Paint, you can bring your ideal fluid art masterpiece to life.

Pouring Paint Sets:
Four colourful Mont Marte pouring paints bottles with lids open.

Our Premium Pouring Paint sets are great starting packs for those wanting to try fluid art. Save yourself the hassle about colour selection with our sets, filled with designer colours to help you achieve the best look! If you need a hand, there’s even a test shot on the cover to show how the colours might blend.

Pouring Mediums:
Hand pouring acrylic pouring medium into a plastic cup next to a litre bottle of pouring medium.

Premium Acrylic Pouring Medium 240ml

Transform any acrylic paint to a pouring paint with this medium. You can even add a small amount to your acrylics to make brushstrokes flow easier. 

Premium Acrylic Flow Medium 250ml

For another great medium to enhance the flow of your acrylic paints, try our Acrylic Flow Medium. This also increases the paint translucency without losing its colour intensity.

Premium Iridescent Varnish 240ml

Want to keep your art safer for longer? Top off your fluid art with an iridescent varnish. This helps to seal, protect and gives your art a bit of shimmer in the process.


A silicone oil and three premium foil paint pots side by side on a pink marble canvas.

Premium Silicone Oil 180ml

Creating cool cells is half the fun of your pouring project. Just add a silicone oil to your canvas and watch the patterns emerge!

Premium Foil Paint 20ml

Looking for something to make your pour painting pop? Add eye-catching details with our Premium Foil Paint.

Premium Painting Board

Help your design flow with a Premium Painting Board. This smooth surface does wonders for fluid art, mixed media, spin art, acrylics, oil and so much more.

We can’t wait to see what you make with the paint pouring supplies. Don’t forget to #montmarteart or tag @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to be featured on our social media channels.