25 Jan 2024Mont Marte
Acrylic Paint Painting

How to paint textured flowers

1. Painting a background

-   Mix Payne’s Grey and Neutral Grey to make a dark tone

-   Apply the dark tone to the canvas, scrubbing it into the background with your Gesso Brush

-   Leave the background to dry


2. Second layer of paint

-   Mix Neutral Grey and Titanium White for a lighter tone

-   Apply the lighter tone with a long palette knife, covering about ¾ of the canvas

-   Create a mix of Payne’s Grey and Old Mauve for the bottom portion

-   Apply and let it dry

3. How to paint a vase

-   Squeeze out Titanium White

-   Use the sides of your palette knife to create lines for the vase edges

-   Add a crescent line for the base

-   Apply more Titanium White inside to add shine

-   Let it dry


4. Painting flower stems and leaves

-   Squeeze out Terre Verte and a touch of Medium Yellow

-   Lay in stems using the palette knife

-   While the green is mixed, add leaves with the corner of your palette knife


5. Painting petals

-   Lightly drag Titanium White over the vase area to suggest shine – the paint should break to reveal the layers below

-   Squeeze out Titanium White, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Violet

-   Use small dollops to lightly colour the petals

-   With the round end of the palette knife, drag it through the colour and apply it to the canvas

-   Work on one petal at a time for better control

-   Keep going until you’re happy with the number of petals!


Note: Dimension Acrylics have a texture like oil paint but dry quickly. Enjoy the process and feel free to experiment with colours, layering, and shapes!

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