03 Aug 2018Mont Marte
Kids Paint

Create a family hand print painting

Get the family together and create a fun hand print painting! Follow our design or create your own – either way, the kids will have a ball.

Step 1. Marking up the canvas.

This project is created on a 152 x 50 cm canvas. The first step is to create a border line 100 mm around the each edge of the canvas. Use a 2h pencil for this. Create a centre line down the middle of the canvas also.

Step 2. Laying on the tape.

Refer to the lettering on page 5 and lay the masking tape as close to the wording as you can. Start with the “m” in the middle. Run the tape over the border lines. Once all the tape is on the canvas, trim it back with some scissors.

Step 3. Adding the paint.

This project uses poster paints. Select the colours you would like to use. Squeeze the first colour out into a disposable plate or oven tray. Each person can then lay their palm into the paint and then transfer the handprint onto the canvas. Once enough handprints have been created with the first colour, tear off a sheet of aluminium foil and lay it over the paint in the plate/tray. Squeeze out the next colour and continue these steps until the canvas is filled with enough hand prints. Make sure the paint covers the majority of the tape so the letter is distinguishable once the masking tape is removed. The tape can then be carefully removed.

Material List

  • Drawing Set Signature 8pc

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