02 May 2022Mont Marte
Drawing Easy Less than 1hr

Create a line landscape drawing with illustration markers

Dip into a fun and simple project with this seascape line drawing. Follow along as we show you how you can create your own beach inspired, line landscape drawing.

With a continuous line drawing, it’s best to keep moving and try not to lift your marker off the page. Before starting, draw a border around your work, this will help guide the lines that you create. Drawing an outline first in graphite will help structure the continuous line, before you go in with a marker.

Start with a line for the horizon that’ll begin around the first quarter of the page. The line should start from the border.

Hand begins drawing a continuous line drawing.

Draw a curved line and form a semi-circle shape for the sun.

Hand draws a curve for a sunset in the drawing.

Then add a small line for the end of the horizon, this will hook around to create a wave and end when the line reaches the border.

Hand adds a wave to create the horizon.

Without taking your pen off the page, let the next line run on underneath the first, beginning and ending when it reaches the border.

Then let the third line run underneath the second, adding some slight curves for waves.

More curves are added to create the waves.

Begin curving the next line underneath the third to create waves, this time take the line to the edge of the border and adding a larger edge.

More waves are added to the continuous line landscape drawing.

Keep adding lines without taking the pen off of the page and add larger curves to every second line, each line should gradually get larger as you add a larger edge.

More lines are added to create the waves within the drawing, this time taking the lines to the border.

Experiment with how long you take the lines to the edge of the page.

As you work down the page, add more zig zag lines that take up more space.

Zig zag lines are added to give movement to the drawing.

You can add some larger gaps and larger zig zags here as this will create stronger waves as you work down the page.

Stronger zig zag lines are added to the beach to add more waves.

Finish by adding a larger zig zag shape then take this shape down, with a straight, vertical line.

More zig zag lines are added to take them out towards the bottom of the page.

Then take this vertical line, across horizontally to the left, so that it reaches the end border.

Final continuous line landscape drawing of a beach with a sunset.

All done!

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