11 Jul 2023Mont Marte

Bring your nearest and dearest around for a day (or night) of creativity! Whether it’s a birthday or a much needed catch up, grab the paints, catch up on the goss and get arty with these 13 creative ideas to do with friends.

1. Get upcycling
1. A white dish painted with warm colours with a green plant on top. Three Mont Marte paints are next to the tray on a white table.


Image: kal_aakaar_21

Whether it’s an old dish or you’ve picked up a treasure at a thrift shop, breathe new life into something old and get creative with your friends. We’re talking knick knacks, clothes, shoes, whatever you can get your hands on. Plus, upcycling isn’t just a fun activity, it’s also good for the planet and who doesn’t love that?!


2. Create a painting for the home
2. A painted cactus artwork on a white brick wall.


Image: artellaboylan

Invite your friends over for a night of creativity and make something for your home too. Whether it’s an ocean painting, a cactus, a geometric creation, a quote or something totally minimalist, it’s a great excuse to paint something with your pals!


3. Get pouring
3. Hands holding a hexagonal canvas with blue pour paints on it and SuperCell paints in the background.


Pour painting is another great creative idea to do with friends. Grab a few pour paints, a canvas and try it out for yourself. Have fun sharing colours and trying out new colour combinations. Not sure how to mix colours? Or looking to create cells without the know-how? We’ve done the hard yards for you with our SuperCell range. Be sure to check them out here.


4. Painted tote bag

4. A pink tote bag with a painted flower field on it, with dried flowers inside the bag.


Image: arrt_byv

Paint something AND show off your creation with this fun painted tote bag idea. Rules are simple, everyone brings a tote bag around and gets creative! Whether it’s fabric paints or acrylics, give it a go and let creativity out of the bag. This activity can also be fun for hen’s parties, baby showers or birthdays.


5. Create a trinket dish

5. A clay trinket dish painted purple with white daisys painted on top. A shell necklace and gold hoop earrings sit on the tray.


Image: saancha_ap

If you’re looking for a project you can create over a weekend or a few weeks, try creating a trinket dish! Grab some air dry clay to create the dish, then once it’s dry you can reach for the paints to add your own personal touch. Need some help? Check out our coloured clay trinket dish project and take a look for a quick run-down before starting.


6. Create a mood board

6. A sketchbook with three fashion illustrations and various collage pieces taped and glued onto the drawings.


Image: stefkaderuiter

If you’re catching up with friends or planning outfits for a special occasion, why not combine the two into a fun night?! Go through old magazines or print out your favourite pictures to create a mood board.


7. Head into the outdoors

7. An art easel outside with various painted canvases laying on the grass beside it.


Image: km_art.life

Painting with nature isn’t just a good way to re-connect with your creativity, it can also be a bunch of fun with friends too. Grab an easel, some paints and a canvas, and head outside for a bit of good ol’ plein air painting. Never painted outside before? We’ve got your back, check out these tips here.


8. Polymer clay earrings

8. Various polymer clay earrings in mustard, green, white and pink colours.


Image:  violettecharms

Get creative and wear your designs later! Invite your friends round, roll some polymer clay out and create your very own earrings. Match your style and your personality and have a good catch-up with your besties too. If you need a bit of help, check out our pastel polymer clay earring project for a few tips first.


9. Painted bookmarks

9. A purple notebook with a purple ombre butterfly book mark inside.


Image: ms.meghna

Turn book club into a full-on creative session with this idea. Never lose your page and you’ll have something uniquely yours too. You can find the step-by-step instructions for this cute purple butterfly here, or let your imagination run wild and create something yourself.


10. Go wild with watercolour

10. Hand holding a watercolour artwork of green leaves, painted in a spiral bound note book.


Image: aglimpseofjoy

It can be fun grabbing a watercolour brush, some paints and letting your mind wander. So why not bring your friends around for a fun evening of watercolour! BYO spiral bound books, grab some watercolour paints, a few brushes, order in some take-out for dinner, you get the idea!


11. Try a collage

11. A collage of red roses growing in a garden with bumble bees flying above the roses.


Image: the.nelly.edwards

Re-use left over magazines, catalogues, bits of paper and catch up with friends! Collages are always a bit of fun, and everyone’s artwork will turn out different too. It’s probably been a while since you’ve tried a collage, so reminisce on the good old days and have some fun with it.


12. Dive into mixed-media

12. A hand holding a mixed media artwork in an art journal.


Image: saffronpaperco

Mixed media is always fun but it’s even better when you can hang out with your best friends too. Invite everyone to bring along bits and pieces like photos, magazine cut outs and interesting textures, then piece it all together to create a mixed-media artwork.


13. Attend an art class

13. Artist Kate Biggs painting a white canvas on a wooden easel with Mont Marte paints next to the easel.


Image: heathwarwickphotography

There’s no better way to get creative than to grab your friends together and head to an art class! Whether it’s a local class like this one from Kate Biggs or a paint-n-sip, art classes are great for beginners or anyone looking to get their creative juices flowing.


14. DIY Painted coasters

14. Six mulit coloured coasters with various cocktails painted on top.


Image: shreyasi_illustrations

You’ve probably heard of paint and sip, but this idea takes it to the next level. Why not create some DIY painted coasters with friends? Whether it’s a housewarming, a birthday party or ‘just because,’ reach for the paint brushes and see what you all come up with!



Looking for more ideas? Check out our projects and browse through a range of painting, drawing, sculpting and crafting projects for all skill levels. Or check out this fun plant pot in acrylics with the Artful grimmer.

We’d love to see what you create with friends! #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook, so we can check it out!