17 Nov 2023Mont Marte

If you want to try creating with a simple project, have a look at this collection of easy crafts to do at home to get inspired! From upcycling things around the house to making décor from scratch, anyone can have a go at these fun ideas. Read on, pick your favourite, and try it out.


Upcycling glass jars

1. @poonam_diy_with_creativity upcycled jar painted blue with white script and design


Image: @poonam_diy_with_creativity

If you want some simple craft ideas with household items, why not have a go at this jar project? There’s no need to throw out the pasta sauce jar next time you make Bolognese – just grab some paints and make a beautiful vase that suits your style.

Paper craft mushroom

2. @little_mate_create mushrooms in grass crafted from leaves and paper


Image: @little_mate_create

Forage in the wilderness for some different coloured leaves to make yourself a mushroom masterpiece. Some green craft paper and scissors can transform your crafted landscape into a grassy field, nice and simple.

Easy watercolour flower painting

3. @michelle_kral purple watercolour flower with green leaves


Image: @michelle_kral

Watercolour can be used to make a striking flower painting in a few easy steps. The colours spread around freely to create a bold design and with unique highlights and shadows. Experiment with watercolour and DIY a flower that’s uniquely you.

Impasto texture

4. Blue to white gradient textured painting made with acrylic paint and a palette knife


Pick up some Acrylic Colour paints and a palette knife to make a simple artwork with loads of texture. We walk you through the process step-by-step on the project page, so watch the video and have a go at home.

Painting with food

5. @wearethebusybees painted roses made from celery dipped in red paint


Image: @wearethebusybees

Believe it or not, these stunning roses are made by dipping cut celery in red paint and stamping it onto the page! Great for adults and kids alike, this project is a fun one for the whole fam to try.

Newspaper craft

6. @wearethebusybees polar bear head made from cut newspaper and craft paper


Image: @wearethebusybees

Instead of throwing out the newspaper when you’re finished reading, grab some scissors, black craft paper, and a marker to make a cute polar bear artwork. Reduce your waste and get creative in one inspired stroke!

Easy clay ideas

7. 4 easy DIY clay projects made from white air dry clay


Air Hardening Modelling Clay is a great medium for simple décor DIYs. To learn how to make some of these simple designs, check out our art lesson online. Making your own decorations never seemed so possible! 

Rock Painting 101

8. @rockpainting101 painted rock of a picnic rug with ants crawling on it


Image: @rockpainting101 | Website

Level up an ordinary rock by making it a picnic scene. This idea from Rock Painting 101 is simple but very cute – just paint a picnic rug design and add some ants on top. Don’t worry, these critters won’t bite!

DIY crayon candles

9. @play_with_jane candle decorated with colourful melted crayon wax


Image: @play_with_jane

Add some colour to plain candles by melting some crayons. Use a brush or pointed tool to apply the wax and watch as your designs dry with 3D texture. There are so many ways to customise your candles, so try out this technique to add a unique style to your house.

How to make a clay lamp

10. Lamp made from air hardening clay with star cut-outs


Another way to upgrade your candles is to DIY a cute lamp to store them in. Start by grabbing some Air Hardening Modelling Clay and cutting out some shapes for the lamp design. Mould the shape, leave to dry, and add a tealight! For more details, follow along with our project how-to and try it out for yourself.



We hope these fun crafts to do at home inspire you to get crafty with easy DIY. These ideas are stunning and simple to try; there’s something for everyone!


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