09 Nov 2021Mont Marte

Get your winter woollies out, roar up the fire and get ready to create your very own winter wonderland with these 19 winter scene ideas to try.

1. Winter oils
Oil painting of a gate on a rural farm.

Pull out your oil paints and create a rural winter landscape. Think parched trees, frost- covered grass and cloudy skies that will make for an easy escape to the cold country.


Why not make your mark and draw a winter scene like this idea with fine liner markers?

This idea uses snow-capped trees and icy, windy roads in the mountains and it’s a great way to try your hand at fine liners.

3. Winter at the beach
Painting of a snowman on the beach.

Take an interesting twist on a winter landscape and contrast the seasons. This idea takes a winter snowman and places him in a summer season like the beach. It’s an interesting and fun take on a winter scene.


4. Winter watercolour
Watercolour artwork of a winter landscape.

Dip into your watercolours and create a cold, still winter landscape like this idea. Masking fluid will be your best bet to keep your whites white like snow, while you experiment or create shrubs and greenery.

5. Wintery one point perspective
Painting of a windy railway track near the mountains.

Turn a one point perspective into a winter scene by adding in snow details and a winter sky. Here the snow adds a nice detail and leads the eye to the vanishing point.

6. An Impressionist winter
Abstract painting of trees in winter.

Make like the impressionists and try a winter wonderland like this in oils. Use choppy brush strokes of oil and paint where the light naturally falls, dipping into blues, purples and soft pinks.

7. Northern Lights
Painting of the Northern Lights on paper resting on purple flowers.

Enjoy the Aurora Borealis without having to trek to the Arctic Circle to see it. Try this idea and create your very own watercolour winter scene of the Northern Lights. Reach for greens and blues and skip out on a winter in the Arctic by staying in the warm and create instead.

8. Add a pop of colour
Painting of a winter scene in blue and red with a small house in the background.

Winter scenes don’t have to be boring and they certainly don’t need to be a stark white. Add a pop of colour like this idea with a dash of red watercolour, it lightly compliments the blue and makes for a nice shadow.

9. Try Alla Prima
Painting of an empty landscape with sun peaking through clouds.

No palette? No problem, when painting oils, you can always paint alla prima (wet on wet) and mix the colours on the canvas as you go. This winter scene has a translucent look to it, by lightly painting a layer and mixing the colours on a canvas when wet. Try this technique in your next winter landscape and give it a go yourself.

10. Add texture
Two canvases sitting together with a winter landscape of trees in snow.

Add a texture to your winter landscape like this idea to create snow capped mountains that will really pop. Use impasto or a dimension acrylic to create texture to your next winter landscape and try something completely new.

11. Capturing from the ground up
Watercolour artwork of two mailboxes in a snow storm.

Try playing with perspective like this watercolour that has captured a winter’s day from the ground up, at the view of the mailbox. Experiment with different perspectives in your landscapes to find an alternative view.

12. Abstract winter landscape
Abstract winter landscape of swirling blues painted on wood.

Take your winter scenes to new heights and go down an abstract avenue. Turn mountains and icebergs into whirling waves of colour. Or try painting on a new surface like this idea that was painted on a wooden board.

13. Go with the wind
Painting of three trees in a snow storm.

Follow the natural direction of trees blowing in a winter storm like this idea and turn a landscape on its head. Have fun playing with different angles and capture the movement of the trees in a snow storm like this idea.

14. Try a winter abstract expressionism
Abstract painting of white, grey and black blocks melting together.

Create an abstract artwork like this using a palette knife or an abstract brush and add layer upon layer, before scratching back to show the colour underneath like this winter landscape. Not only is this a fun way to create, it also doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact the messier the better!

15. Go gouache
Hand holding a sketchbook of a gouache artwork with a icy lake.

Grab the gouache and try a winter scene like this idea of an icy river. Use masking tape arounds the sides to keep your lines clean and crisp, to create a border around your masterpiece.

16. Try monochrome
Painting of lake in NZ with mountains in background.

Challenge yourself to a monochrome winter landscape like this artwork of New Zealand. Reach for deep blues and mix up different tones of blue on your palette to create icy mountains and deep cool rivers.

17. A winter collage
Collage of snow with three small houses and trees.

Get crafty and try a collage like this winter’s day landscape. Whether you use painted pieces of paper or find your own, create your way and build your very own winter scene collage.

18. Add a winter breeze
Acrylic painting of a winter day with a river.

Play around with movement and add that wind chill to your winter landscape. Use directional brushwork, contrasting colours and even smooth impasto textures can be used to bring your works to life and add that cool breeze.

19. Carve out your scene with a palette knife
Oil painting of winter trees with blue shadows.

If you’re dipping into the oil paints, try a palette knife to create shadows and add texture like this idea. Challenge yourself and paint the scene entirely with a palette knife or scoop up the paint and place or scratch back layers for an abstract look.

We hope that you feel inspired to create your own winter scene. Try it for yourself and #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook, we’d love to see what you create.