24 May 2024
Acrylic Drawing Painting

Marcella Wylie

"It’s a bit of a cliché but I really don’t think you can make any mistakes when it comes to making art. Everything is a learning curve. Don’t like using pencils? Great! Let’s give some watercolour a go. Just not feeling that inspired by a self-portrait? Not a problem! What about doing a quick landscape sketch? The more you do and the more you explore different things, the more you will improve."

Marcella Wylie (@marcella_wylie), based in Scotland, creates bright and colourful nature-inspired paintings. She creates using loads of lilacs, pinks, and greens to bring to life all sorts of plants, insects, florals, and more. 

Marcella collaborates with household names and independent creators to spread her passion, recently debuting her first storybook illustrations in a children's book! Her vibrant palette and unique style are inspiring to people of all ages, transforming the world around us into technicolour.