19 Jan 2024Mont Marte
Craft Polymer Clay Sculpting and Modelling

Polymer Clay Charcuterie Board

1.  Polymer clay base

-   Mix Peach, Umber, and Sienna clay colours to make the wood board

-   Blend the mixture well and roll it flat with the roller

-   Cut the clay into the desired board shape, and add a handle with a hole in it

-   Use a dinner plate as a base for working and bake in the oven once the board is shaped


2.  Clay camembert

-   Mix White and Lemon Yellow clay in equal parts for the cheese colour

-   Blend well and roll it into a wheel shape

-   Roll a thin sheet of White clay and wrap it around the wheel to create the rind

-   Add grooves on the top of the cheese and cut out a wedge

-   Place the cheese wedge onto the board


3. Clay olive

-   Mix Basic Green, Scarlet, Sunflower, and a touch of Titanium White to make the olive colour

-   Shape each olive, adding a bit of Scarlet at each end for the pimiento

-   Place olives on the board – create as many as you like!


4. Clay blue vein cheese

-   Mix White with a touch of Lemon Yellow for the base

-   Shape it into a wedge and add a Lemon Yellow rind

-   Lay small bits of Phthalo Blue on the surface and blend lightly

-   Place the blue vein cheese on the board


5. Clay salami

-   Mix Crimson and Scarlet for salami colour

-   Roll into a thin sheet and cut squares

-   Roll the squares into balls, flatten, and add bits of White for fat

-   Blend gently and place salami on the board


6. Clay Ham

-   Blend Pale Pink with Scarlet for ham colour

-   Roll out until thin

-   Cut circular shapes, roll them up, and place on the board


7. Clay crackers

-   Mix Peach with a touch of Sienna for cracker colour

-   Roll into cracker shapes and add texture with a brush end

-   Create holes with a pin or thin, rounded tool


8.  Red clay cheese

-   Shape Lemon Yellow into a wedge and cover it with a thin sheet of Scarlet

-   Trim the edges and place Edam on the board 


9. Clay grape

-   Mix Mint Green, Lemon Yellow, and a touch of White for grape colour

-   Roll into squares, shape into balls, and arrange them on the board to resemble a bunch


10. Clay cheese slice

-   Knead and roll out Lemon Yellow

-   Cut small rectangular shapes

-   Create holes

-   Layer them on top of each other on the board


11. Curing polymer clay

-   Bake in a preheated oven for 45min at 130°C

-   Once baked, let it cool

-   Your polymer clay charcuterie board is now ready for display or playtime!

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