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Paint an intricate tiger with water brushes and ink

How To paint an Intricate Tiger with Waterbrushes and Ink

The materials for this lesson can be found at a Gold or above art centre. Go to to find the one nearest to you. MSB0065 Mont Marte 300 gsm Watercolour Pad A3 PMHS0020 Mont Marte Watercolour Travel Set 18pce MPN0059 Mont Marte Fine tip markers MPB0097 Mont Marte Water Brush Broad Tip MPB0095 Mont Marte Water Brush Fine Tip MAXX0030 Mont Marte Electric Eraser MPN0026 Mont Marte Drawing Set 8pce Also required: water Materials Lis t . . .

2. Laying in the washes. The washes can been done in 2 touches. The first is the Purple on the following areas; 1) Tip of the tail; 2) Ears and the top of the head; 3) Sides of the face; 4) Around the eyes; and 5) The belly between the front and rear legs. Fill the broad Waterbrush ( with water) and dampen the area that you wish to paint w+ith clean water. Charge the Fine Tip Water Brush with Purple paint from the travel set and apply the paint to the dampened area. As you work down the page squeeze the body of the water brush to create more water thereby lightening the tone. Ensure the colour fades out to nothing. Let this initial wash dry. Next, lay red onto the forehead, shoulders, base of the tail, ears and legs. Whilst this is still wet apply some Orange onto the cheeks and onto the front of the tiger. As you work down the front of the chest add more water so the colour lightens. By the time you have worked down to the bottom of the chest it should be almost yellow. Next lay some Red onto the ears and the front and rear legs. 1. Transferring the Image. On page 4 is the main Image that needs to be transferred onto the Watercolour paper. Print this out to A3, and shade the backside of this printout with a 6B pencil. Lay it onto a sheet of 300 gsm Watercolour paper ( so the printed image is facing up). Tape it into position. Use a sharp 2H pencil re trace all the line work. Once all of the line work has been traced, remove the print out. Remember to gently peel off the tape so you don’t damage the surface of the paper. Sometimes there are some smudges that have been transferred also, these can be removed with an electric eraser. The Mont Marte 300gsm Water colour paper features a Mediu m Roughness on the front surface and the rear of the sheet is smooth. For detailed work the smooth side is preferable. It is a good idea to keep a test sheet of the sa me paper to test any colours before you commit to using them on the real work. Pre wetting the sheet facilitates softer edges and makes the blending of colours easier. 1 2

Bear in mind the F ine Tip Markers are water based, and the ink will dilute if it comes into contact with water. For this reason the watercolour layer must be thoroughly dry before any ink is applied and the inking stage must be done last. Step 4. Inking. The inking is done with various colours from the Fine Tip Markers set. There is really no wrong or right selection of colours to use, but if you would like to use the same colours as were used in the lesson, you can refer to the image page 7 for guidance. The general rule is to lay the corresponding marker colour over the underlying wash. For example; Purple Marker over the areas that have a Purple wash. 3. Painting the eyes. Lay some light Blue onto the eyes, and whilst this is still wet, drop some darker Blue onto the centre of each eye. Lay some light Orange onto each eye lid. Use the Fine Tip Water Brush for this. Let the paint dry before commencing the next stage. 1 3 4

+ 5. Finishing. At this stage the tiger looks like she is floating, we need to lay in an object for her to crouch on. Lay this in with an Umber colour. Blend it out to clear as you move down the page. There will be certain areas where there is graphite showing around the edge of the tiger. These can be removed with the electric eraser. Whilst you have the eraser you can remove a small highlight in each eye too and voilà. 1 5



Material List

  • Water Brush Round Broad Tip Signature 5mm (0.2in)
  • Water Brush Round Fine Tip Signature 3mm (0.12in)
  • Electric Eraser Signature
  • Fine Tip Markers Signature 12pc
  • Drawing Set Signature 8pc
  • Watercolour Pad German Paper Premium A3 300gsm 12 Sheet
  • Watercolour Travel Set Signature 19pc

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