31 Mar 2022Mont Marte
Easy Less than 1hr Paint Painting

Make a mushroom painted pot with ceramic paints

In this project, we’re guiding you through how to make a mushroom painted pot with ceramic paints. This painted pot makes for a great gift idea or weekend project to keep you busy. Plus you’ll have a fancy new friend for the garden, balcony or for your indoor plant family.

Roll a tea towel up using two markers to protect the pot from rolling around.

Green ceramic painted pot with a tea towel underneath prepares the pot and work surface for the project.

Grab a graphite pencil and begin drawing a rough mushroom shape onto the pot.

A red graphite pencil begins to draw a rough sketch of the mushroom shape onto a green ceramic pot.

Sketch more mushrooms lightly around the pot as you go.

More mushroom shapes are added around the ceramic paint pot drawn in graphite pencil.

Add a white base coat with ceramic paints to your mushrooms using a flat brush.

White paint is added to the design and painted on a thick, taklon brush, as a base coat for the mushrooms.

Mix in white with a dash of red, yellow and blue and stir.

Mont Marte palette knife adds red, yellow and blue ceramic paint onto a plastic paint palette for mixing.

Add a dash of green and mix the paint together, add a dash of white if you need to. This will create a dusty pink.

Colour is mixed to create a dusty pink colour with a small amount more green added onto the plastic paint palette.

Begin painting the stalks.

Thick taklon brush begins adding more paint to the stalks of the mushroom design.

Add more red and a dash of green and blue to the dusty pink paint, then mix.

Palette knife mixes up green and blue ceramic paint to the dusty pink paint to create a stronger colour for the mushroom's stem.

Paint the grey onto the top of the stalk.

A greyish pink colour is mixed in the palette using a palette knife and then applied to the mushroom's stalk.

Add red paint to the cap of the mushroom.

A bright red ceramic paint is now added to the top of the mushroom's cap.

Mix in blue to the red to create a darker red for the base of the mushroom cap.

A palette knife mixes a small amount of blue ceramic paint to the red paint on the paint palette.

Use this darker red to line the bottom of the mushroom cap.

Red paint is added on a thinner paint brush to add definition to the mushroom design.

Add white paint to the mushrooms using the back of a paint brush. Experiment using smaller and larger dots.

The back of a paint brush is used to add dots of white paint to the mushroom's cap to show detail.

Add more white dots to the top of the mushrooms.

Final touches are made with white detail and spots added to the mushroom's cap.

Leave the pot to dry, then you're done!

Hand holding the finished green ceramic pot with an easy mushroom design brightly painted all over.

Material List

  • Ceramic Paint Signature 6pc x 20ml (0.7oz)

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