22 Mar 2024Mont Marte
Acrylic Painting Polymer Clay

Hummingbird and flower art: Part 2 (Painting)

Paint for baked clay

Hummingbird and flower branch sculpture being painted with black and white base coat

-   Begin by sealing the polymer clay sculpture with a thin coat of acrylic paint

-   Apply White over the flowers

-   Use Black over the bird and branch – this will make your metallic paints pop more!

-   Allow to dry

Leaf colouring

Hummingbird and flower branch sculpture leaves and branch being painted

-   Paint Burnt Umber over the branch, followed by Burnt Sienna once dry

-   Paint the leaves with Sap Green and leave to dry

-   Dry brush a lighter green on top using Metallic Yellow mixed with a touch of Sap Green

Painting clay flowers

Flowers on hummingbird sculpture being painted white and pink

-   Apply another coat of Titanium White to the flowers 

-   Once dry, paint a watery mix of Magenta and White

-   Once the watery layer is dry, concentrate Magenta in the centre of each flower

-   Paint the edges of each petal White

Hummingbird painting

-   Metallic Acrylic Colour Paints are the main medium for the hummingbird 

-   Apply a thin coat of Silver over the wings

-   Paint Phthalo Blue on the top of the head 

-   Add a band of Magenta on the sides under the blue

-   Use Phthalo Green under each eye, down the back, over the wings, and on the underside

-   Paint Yellow on the cheeks beneath the eyes

-   Paint the chest area with Phthalo Blue and add more Yellow to the base of the tail

-   Paint the top of the tail with Magenta and the back of the wings with Purple

-   Add a pop of Magenta to the throat

Painting the face 

-   Create a grey with Titanium White and a touch of Black to paint the eye ring

-   Use a rigger brush for precision

-   Add a highlight with a tiny spot of White

Finishing touches

-   Paint a sky blue base over the canvas, made from Phthalo Blue and Titanium White

-   Finish the base of the branch with Black

-   Ta-da! Your hummingbird is ready to take flight 

Enjoy being present while painting and bring your hummingbird to life with vibrant colours and intricate details!

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