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How to Create an Easy Unicorn Painting

Make some magic with our unicorn painting tutorial! Our step by step video makes it easy for children to follow along and create their very own masterpiece. Full lesson plan and list of materials below.

Painting a Unicorn

We suggest using a circular canvas for this project but any shape will work. Remember to protect any surfaces that could come into contact with the paint.

Step 1. Drawing the unicorn.

The unicorn can be drawn quite easily if you use the construction method. Use a pencil to lightly when drawing up any construction lines. The steps are outlined in the image on page 6 and are as follows: 1) Draw a bean shape for the body. 2) Add a crescent shape extending from the front of the bean shape. 3) Add a circle for the head. 4) Add a small crescent from the circle. 5) Add lines for the legs. 6) Add the mane and tail. 7) Add the eye, ears and tail. Once the construction lines are drawn in you can redefine the them with a darker line. After the drawing has been darkened use an electric eraser to remove the light construction lines.

Step 2. Drawing the background.

The unicorn has been drawn but we need to add a background for her. Draw a curved horizon line and then a second behind the first to create 2 hills. Add a path onto the hills. Ensure the path disappears in the distance. Add a couple of flowing lines to suggest the rainbow and then add a couple of simple clouds. The last step is to clean up the canvas with the eraser.

Step 3. Painting the scene.

Note: All paints used are Satin Acrylics. Squeeze out some Pink paint and lay it into the background. Use the large flat brush to block in the colour then use the small flat to cut in around the detail area. Squeeze out some Light Green and paint it into the far hill then use some Mid Green to paint it into the first hill. Finally paint in the path with Gold Paint.

Step 4. Painting the unicorn. Use Titanium White to paint the unicorn. Create a mix from 1 part Black to 5 parts Titanium White and paint this Grey into the 2 legs in shadow. Paint the hooves in with a slightly darker Grey. When Satin Acrylic comes out of the tube it is the viscosity of toothpaste. Viscosity means the thickness/fluidity of the paint. To get it to flow easier you can add water to the paint. In the lesson we painted the edges of the canvas. We choose to do this by using a 75mm foam roller and Lamp Black Paint.

Step 5. Painting the key line.

In this step we paint a key line around the unicorn with Lamp Black paint and the finest brush in the set. Mix a little water with the paint so that it has the viscosity of pouring cream. Once the unicorn has been outlined paint the outline the 2 hills as well.

Step 6. Adding the rainbow colours.

The first step is to divide each rainbow area into 6 parts with a pencil. The colours that make up the rainbows are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. Prepare by squeezing these colours out onto a palette. Start with the Red and lay it into the rainbow area then add some red into the mane and tail. Once the Red is painted in, follow the same procedure with Orange, Yellow, Green, Cerulean Blue and Purple. The final step is to create a Light Blue from Cerulean Blue and Titanium White.

Material List

  • Round Canvas Signature 75cm (29.5in)
  • Drawing Set Signature 8pc
  • Plastic Brush Washer Signature
  • Foam Roller Discovery 50mm (1.9in)
  • Acrylic Brushes Signature 5pc

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