09 Jun 2023Mont Marte
Easy Kids Weekend project

Easy Monet-inspired art lesson for kids

The first step is to lay in the background.

Squeeze out some Primary Blue over the canvas like this and then lay on some Purple as well.

Just make sure there is more blue than purple, or the colour may look too dark.


Next, take out your brushes. Select the flat sponge brush and spread the paint evenly over the canvas.

Once it's fully covered, allow this to dry.


Next, take out the Green Twistable Metallic Crayon and create an arch one third of the way down the canvas.

Create a second arc below the one we just created.

Once that's done, we lay blue into the underside and blend the colours with a finger.


Then, lay three vertical lines into the bridge with green and blue and blend these together.


Now, lay trees into the left side by first squeezing Pale Green in lines over the area. Leave an area free of colour at the bottom of the canvas.


Into this, lay in some Primary Blue over the green to darken it slightly. Use a Medium Flat Taklon brush and blend the green and blue together until the colour is smooth.


Now, create some trees on the other side.

We're going to make this colour slightly lighter.

So, lay the green down and then lay Lemon Yellow over the green and blend these colours together.


The colour between these two areas of trees, should be darker. So, lay the Green down, and then on top of this, lay on some Primary Blue, Purple, and a teeny bit of Red here and there. Blend this colour.

To create some lilies, we use the circular sponge stamp.

Press it into the green and then press the colour onto the bottom part of the canvas.

Make them overlap here and there in a fun way.


To create the lily flower, squeeze the paint out directly onto the lily pads.

Use yellow, orange, and red for these flowers.


Our painting is almost finished now. We just need to add some colour into the trees behind the bridge.

Lay some purple onto the trees on the right, some yellow into the left, and orange over the trees in the middle.

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