01 May 2020Mont Marte
Craft Paint

DIY galaxy shoes

1. Take the laces out of your shoes so they stay nice and clean while you get painting. 

2. Use masking tape to protect the rubber edges and toe of the shoe. This will keep them paint-free.

3. Pack the inside of the shoe with paper towels or newspaper so the canvas stays firm while you're painting. 

4. Add some wire or zip ties to the top and bottom eyelets to bring the shoe in. Make sure the tongue is left out.

5. Use a toothbrush to start flicking paint onto the canvas, starting with white for a background of stars.

6. Add larger white stars with a small brush. 

7. Apply and blend out white paint in loose, cloud-shaped clumps using a stiff brush to create the foundation of your galaxies. Blend the edges out so they are soft and appear misty.

8. Add small, thin white lines for shooting stars.

9. Let your first layer of white details and paint dry before adding colours. We use orange, red, blue, and purple but you can also try out different combos such as purple, green, silver, and yellow. The colour theme is totally up to you. Blend your colours on and around the white galaxy foundations. 

10. Leave some white areas and unpainted canvas exposed to create dimension in your space scene. Use light and dark shades of your colours to add more depth.

11. Flick on more stars using white paint and a toothbrush.

12. Finesse your details, add more painted stars, and bolden some of your white areas before leaving to dry. 

13. Rock your very own pair of galaxy shoes and take them out on the town!

Material List

  • Oil Brush Set Signature 11pc
  • Satin Acrylic Intro Set Premium 8pc x 18ml (0.6oz)

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