07 Feb 2024Mont Marte

Make a DIY Valentine’s Day present for your mates or your partner to show them how much you care! We have four ideas below you can create at home.

Valentine heart garland DIY



Grab some Coloured Paper, Dot Markers, PVA Craft Glue, and string to make this simple Valentine’s decoration. You can follow along with the video to see how we fold paper squares into cute little hearts. 💞 Change the paper sizes and colours to put your own spin on this creation!

3D heart card DIY


Make a pop-out heart card as a fun show of love! 💌 Start your choice of Colour Card as the base for your note. Make an origami heart (see how in the heart garland video above) and crisscross two strips of paper to create a spring. Stick the spring to the heart and then to the card before adding a fun message on the front – we went with “👁️❤️U”.

Homemade friendship necklaces



Celebrate the love holiday with your mates and gift them half a heart necklace to show you care. Now you’ll think of them whenever you put it on and always have something to remember each other when you’re feeling down! Just grab some Polymer Clay in your bestie's fave colour and get crafting. 

Heart necklace DIY


Make a split heart necklace for your significant other so they have a piece of you to treasure and wear with pride. Handmade gifts are packed with thought and care, so it’s a great way to express your love for Valentine’s Day! All you need is Polymer Clay to get going on the pendants!



If you make one of these homemade Valentine’s gifts for friends, family, or your partner, let us know! Tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook or #montmarteart. We’d love to see what you come up with. 🥰