21 Apr 2023Mont Marte
Acrylic Easy Painting

Creating with Hsin Lin: Mixed Media Acrylic Beach Painting

Creating with Hsin Lin: Mixed Media Acrylic Beach Painting

In this tutorial, Hsin Lin takes us through step-by-step in recreating her beautiful painting, ‘Seaside Serenity’.

First, start by grabbing a flat brush.

Apply Clear Texture Gesso to prime the seashells.

Cover all the shells and wait till they’re dry.

Using the ‘Paint Placement Reference Image’ in the downloads section, squeeze dollops of paint down the left-hand side of the canvas, and Titanium White Horizontally across the canvas.

Starting at the top of the canvas with Phthalo Blue, begin blending left to right until all colours are blended in with Titanium White.

The canvas should now look something like this:

Now, go over the canvas again blending until you are satisfied with what it looks like.

The next step is to glue the shells to the canvas.

Grab a fine tip brush and paint little patterns on the shells with Titanium White and Gold Foil Paint.

Finally, using the same fine tip brush and Titanium White, paint vertical lines down the canvas adding a little swirl here and there.

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  • A range of different sea shells

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