28 Aug 2012Mont Marte Blog

Create a pop art space cow acrylic painting

Today we shall be learning how to paint a Pop Art Cow on mars!

Step 1: Drawing or Tracing the Cow

On the last page of this document there is an outline of the cow for you to trace with a Pencil onto the Canvas. This outline also includes the outlines of where each colour should be painted.

Step 2: Red Background

Create a 50/50 mix of Scarlet and Yellow Orange and apply this to the ground with a 75mm Taklon Brush. Then paint a flat coat of pure Scarlet onto the sky.

Step 3: Earth Apply a coat of Phthalo Blue to the Earth.

Once dry, paint in the continents with Mid Green and little specks of Ochre. Finally dry brush some Titanium White over in patches to create clouds. Make sure the clouds are thicker at the North Pole.

Step 4: Black and Grey

Paint pure Lamp Black using a small brush from the Gallery Series Brush Set into the areas specified on the last pages of this PDF. Once dry, mix a grey from 1 Part Black, 2 parts White to 4 parts Yellow Ochre and apply this to the nose and areas in highlight on the Black.

Step 5: Pink, Ochre and Grey

Mix 4 parts White to one part Ochre and place into the appropriate areas. Add a spot of Pink to the inside of the nose. Then make a light Grey from a tiny dot of Black and and a good dollop of White and paint it on.

Step 6: White

The final step in painting the cow is to apply White to the remaining white areas. Turn your brush around and use the handle to dot on White to the nose and the reflection in the eye.

Step 7: Optional Bubble

You can paint a breathing bubble on your cow by drawing a circle around the head and then painting it in with a mixture of 1 part Phthalo Blue to 9 parts Acrylic Medium. Top it off with a white highlight using a medium sized Flat Brush from your Gallery Series set.

Material List

  • Plastic Brush Washer Signature
  • Acrylic Brushes Signature 5pc
  • Artist Acrylic Brush Premium Taklon Flat Wide 75mm
  • Deep Well Plastic Palette Discovery 6 Wells
  • Double Thick Canvas Premium 91.4 x 121.8cm (36 x 48in)

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