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Create a fairy tea light sculpture in polymer clay part 2

In this lesson we paint the fairy tea light sculpture we created with Mont Marte Polymer Clay. We develop a beautiful pearl effect on her dress with metallic paints, use Mont Marte H2O Water Mixable Oils for a delicately hued skin tone, and embellish her wings with sparkling glitter. A little environment around our fairy’s feet adds a fantasy element to the piece and her lit tea light candle is the perfect finishing touch! Packed full of techniques you’ll be able to use in your projects, we hope you love this lesson as much as we do.

How to paint a fairy sculpture with Acrylic Paint and Water Mixable Oil Paint

The materials for this lesson can be found at a Gold or above art centre. Go to to find the one nearest to you. PMSA0010 Mont Marte Satin Acrylic Titanium White PMSA0017 Mont Marte SatinAcrylic Cadmium Yellow PMSA0002 Mont Marte Satin Acrylic Scarlet PMSA0025 Mont Marte Satin Acrylic Mid Green PMSA0012 Mont Marte Satin Acrylic Hookers Green PMSA0005 Mont Marte Satin Acrylic Yellow Ochre PMSA0028 Mont Marte Acrylic Acrylic Burnt Umber PMSA0011 Mont Marte Satin Acrylic Lamp Black PMSA0020 Mont Marte Satin Acrylic Silver PMMT0001 Mont Marte Metallic Paint Blue PMMT0002 Mont Marte Metallic Paint Green MCG0022 Mont Marte Tear off paper palette BMHS0009 Mont Marte Gallery Series Brush Set BMHS0015 Mont Marte Gallery Series Brush Set MPOW8181 Mont Marte H2o Water Mixable Oil Paint Intro Set MPOW0003 Mont Marte Water H2o Mixable Oil Paint Flesh 37ml MACR0025 Mont Marte Laser Glitter Shaker MPB0067 Mont Marte Oil Taklon Bright # 10 CMPL4050 Mont Marte Canvas Panel MAXX0024 Mont Marte Leafing Size 60ml Also Required : Water Paper Towels Hot Glue Gun Materials Lis t . . .

Step 1. Creating the Dress Squeeze out some Satin Acrylic Paint and using a medium sized flat brush, apply a thin layer over the entire dress. Let this dry. Squeeze out some Metallic Green and paint a thin layer over the Silver. Let this dry. Next squeeze out some Metallic Blue Paint and apply it on to the bottom of the dress and blend it up into the Green. Let this dry. The final step is to paint an additional coat of Metallic Green over the dress. Let this dry before commencing step 2. Step 2. Painting the hair The Hair is built up using a small flat brush and Acrylics. The method used is called the dry brush technique and it is done over a dark base. These are the steps for this stage. 1) Paint the hair with Burnt Umber Acrylic. Make sure the hair is covered in its entirety. Let this dry. 2) Dry brush the hair with Yellow Ochre. Let this Dry. 3) Dry brush the hair with Cadmium Yellow. Let this dry. 4) Create a mix from 1 part Cadmium Yellow to 1 part Titanium White. Dry brush the hair with this mix. Let this dry. 5) Create a mix from 1 part Cadmium Yellow to 3 parts Titanium White. Dry Brush this over the hair. Let this Dry. The technique of dry brushing basically means that the brush is charged with very little paint. A good way to ensure the brush is not overly charged, is to get into the habit of wiping the excess off onto a paper towel. Y ou then very lightly drag the tip over the surface so that it just comes into contact with the high points of the sculpture. 1 2

Step 3. Painting the tea light holder Paint the tea light holder with Hookers Green. Let this dry. Next dry Brush the tea light holder with Mid Green. Ensure some of the underlying Hookers Green is visible through this Mid Green coat. 55 55 Step 4. Painting the environment Paint the clay part of the base with Burnt Umber. Let this dry. Apply Leafing Size over the Burnt Umber. Let this get tacky. This will take approximately 20 minutes. Sprinkle some Green Glitter from a Mont Marte Laser Glitter Shaker over the sized area. Blow off the excess glitter into a bin. Squeeze out some Titanium White and paint the mushrooms, snail or any other articles you have put in. Let this dry. Paint in the mushrooms whith your desired colours. I have painted my mushrooms Cadmium Yellow and the toad stools Scarlet. I let the Scarlet dry and then applied spots with Titanium White. The snail is painted with a Grey created from 1 part Ivory Black to 2 parts Titanium White and the shell is coloured with Burnt Umber and the markings are applied with Yellow Ochre. This is the last step in the Acrylic painting. Step 5. Painting the arms and legs Using some Flesh colour H20 Water Mixable Oil Paint, cover the arms and legs with a thin even coat using a medium flat brush. For these next steps I am using colours from the H20 Water Mixable Oil Paint Introduction Set. Create an Umber tone from Mid Yellow, Orange, Cadmium Red and Phthalo Green all in equal proportions. Lay this tone into the underside of each arm and leg and blend it into the Flesh Tone. Blend some Titanium White into the top side of each arm and leg and blend this in. 5 4 3

The trick with suggesting shadows on the face is to make very small additions of colour. Y ou don't want to add to much of the dark tone or you run the risk of the dark tone overpowering the flesh tone. Step 7. The fairy’s wings Refer to the first image in this PDF and place the wing tips over the shape. Place the tape on the tip of each wing. Apply some size over the wings following the veins with a fine brush. Let this get tacky. Adjust the Sprinkler so the hole is set to the blue compartment and sprinkle blue glitter over the wings. Brush of the excess glitter and re apply the wings with a hot glue gun. Step 6. Painting the face The face is to be painted wet in wet like the arms and legs. These are the steps for this stage. 1) Paint the entire face in with Flesh Tone Water Mixable Oil Paint. 2) Using the Umber mix that was created for the legs and arms, lay dabs of colour into the eye sockets, under the cheek bone, under the chin, under the nose and under the lips. 3) Using a clean dry medium point brush, softly blend the Umber into the Flesh Tone. Ensure the transitions are soft and don't over blend it. There still must be some tonal definition. 4) Apply Cadmium Red very sparingly to the cheeks, lips and under the chin. Use a clean point brush and blend it into the Flesh Tone. 5) Lastly paint the eyelids in with Violet to suggest eye shadow. 6 7

Material List

  • Water Mixable Oil Paint 37ml (1.25oz) - Flesh
  • Canvas Panel Signature 1pc 40.6 x 50.8cm (16 x 20in)
  • Acrylic Brushes Signature 4pc
  • Gallery Series Brush Set Acrylic 4pce
  • Tear-off Paper Palette Signature 50gsm 36 Sheet
  • Leafing Size 60ml
  • Water Mixable Oil Paint Intro Set Premium 8pc x 18ml (0.6oz)
  • Laser Glitter Shaker Signature 50g (1.8oz)

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