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Create an expressionist flower painting

How to paint an Expressionist Flower

Step 1. Drawing up the Flower

On the last page of this PDF is an outline of the Flower. Copy this on to the canvas. I am using a Purple Mont Marte T Shirt Marker to do this. Keep your strokes fluid and mark in the shadow areas as well.

Step 2. Adding the modelling paste

Lay the modelling paste on with a Mont Marte number 15 Knife. Just lay it onto the high edges of each petal. Remove the paste from the Shadow area on the underlying petal with the corner of the knife. Ensure the coat of modelling paste is quite smooth.

Step 3. Painting the Undercoat

Squeeze some Mont Marte Fluro Purple Acrylic paint onto the Canvas and cover the entire surface and let this dry. Now do the same with some Phthalo Blue mixed with1 part of Acrylic Gloss Medium. Leave parts of the purple showing through in areas for interest.

Step 4. Painting the topcoat

Squeeze out some Purple, Mauve,Violet and Phthalo. Put a spot of Titanium White next to each of these colours. Use the filbert to roughly mix the white with these colours and lay them across each petal in this order. Purple being the lightest to Phthalo being the darkest.

Material List

  • Double Thick Canvas Premium 76.2 x 101.6cm (30 x 40in)
  • Artist Acrylic Brush Premium Taklon Flat Wide 50mm (1.98in)

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