23 Mar 2022Mont Marte
Drawing Easy Less than 1hr

Create an easy watermelon drawing with markers

This easy watermelon drawing is ripe and ready for you to get stuck into! So, grab your markers and try this fun project for yourself. Or if you're looking to take this project one step further, this watermelon design can easily be turned into your own gift wrapping, greeting cards or home décor, so you can have fun playing with with size.

Start by drawing circles on the paper lightly with a graphite pencil. Alternate by using semi-circles for watermelon slices and ovals for open watermelons too.

Hand holding a pencil drawing outline of watermelon design on paper.

Use the marker’s broad tip to colour the skin of the watermelon in green.

Hand holding an alcohol marker fills in the outline of a watermelon in green.

Colour back and forth for a crosshatch look, this will add detail and interest to the skin.

Man drawing with a green alcohol marker fills in a watermelon shape in with coloured green.

Use the marker’s thin tip to outline the semi-circles and outline the rim of any open watermelons, then colour in green.

Alcohol marker fills in outline of watermelons with a green colour.

Use the red marker’s broad tip to colour in the watermelon, you can also use the thin tip to colour any open watermelons.

Hand holding a red alcohol marker fills in the red of the watermelon.

Use the green marker’s fine tip to add detail to the watermelon skin.

Detail is added to watermelon skin using a green alcohol marker.

Start with a dot near the top, then fan each line outwards, going over each line to thicken it.

More detail is added to the watermelon design using a green alcohol drawing.

For the open watermelons, add an outline around the top, then add some detail working from the bottom to the top, with lines spanning upwards.

Outline of watermelon is added in green using an alcohol marker.

Use the black marker’s fine tip to add dots for seeds.

Hand holding the side of a black alcohol marker to add dot details to the watermelon.

To add the seeds, it’s best to hold the pen towards the end rather than holding it like a pencil This will protect the nib of the marker.

Hand holding the end of a marker to demonstrate the care to be taken when dotting with an alcohol marker.

Then you're all done!

A colourful print of watermelons drawn with Mont Marte Dual Tip Alcohol Art Markers 24pc

Material List

  • Dual Tip Art Markers Premium 24pc
  • Bleedproof Marker Pad Premium 105gsm A4 (8.3 x 11.7in) 50 Sheets

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