07 Apr 2022Mont Marte
All Levels DIY Drawing Less than 1hr

Create an abstract face print t-shirt with fabric markers

Let’s face it, drawing and designing doesn’t have to be tricky, in this project, we’re showing you how to create an abstract face print t-shirt with fabric markers. So draw it, decorate it, then wear it!

Lay the t-shirt down on a flat surface and pop a sketch book through the inside so the marker doesn’t bleed through.

A white t-shirt is laid down on a flat surface with a Mont Marte sketch book placed inside to protect the fabric.

Fold and tape the bottom, neck and the sleeves up so you have a workable space.

A white tshirt is folded up and taped with black masking tape to stop the project from moving.

Turn the shirt over and get creative!

Hand begins drawing on the white tshirt with a purple fabric marker.

To draw the abstract face, draw a curved line for a nose and chin.

The purple line from the fabric art marker begins to draw a curved, abstract face.

Strengthen the line by going over it with a marker, then add a curved brow.

The marker then draws an eyebrow on the face using a purple art marker.

Draw a lash line and add some wispy lashes.

Eyelashes are added to the abstract face with the purple art marker.

Draw a small 3 shape for lips.

A small 3 shape is added to the abstract face design to look like lips.

Add a circle for a cheek and colour this in.

A pink circle is added to the abstract face to show a cheek.

Continue adding your face pattern using different colours.

Hand shows the same abstract face design repeated all over the white t-shirt using alternative purple colours.

Strengthen any lines for definition.

Hand adds a cheek shape to the final face using a pinky peach coloured fabric art marker.

Remove the tape once you've finished.

Hand removes the black masking tape from the folded tshirt after designing.

All done!

A white t-shirt with purple and blue Matisse style faces.

Material List

  • Dual Tip Fabric Markers Signature 24pc

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