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Create 3 painted rock owls

Painted rock owls. This project is a great way to help kids explore their creativity.

The Easy Owl

Step 1. Marking up the stone.

Squeeze out a little Ivory Black paint and add an equal amount of water. Refer to the first image in this PDF and with the rigger brush transfer the lines on to your stone. First draw in the two wings then the breast line, the eyes, beak and the small V shape on the top of the head. Let this dry.

Step 2. Painting the easy Owl.

Squeeze out some Sienna, Titanium White and Yellow. Paint the wings in with Sienna, White into the belly and eyes and Yellow into the beak. You may want to repaint the black key line once you’ve completed the owl. All 3 owls can be created with the colours in the 12 pce Acrylic Set. The brush set has 6 brushes in it. On the back of the packaging outlines each brush shape. Learn the effects that can be gained from each differing type.

The Folk Owl.

Step1. Undercoating the Owl.

Squeeze out some Titanium White and give the surface a consistent coat. If your stone is a little rough you can give it a second coat. Let this dry.

Step 2. Painting the folksy Owl.

Due to the nature of a project like this you can choose any colour you want, but the colours I have used and the order in which they were painted is below please refer to the PDF image supplied: Crimson Vermilion Orange (Vermilion + Lemon Yellow) Lemon Yellow Turquoise (Viridian + cobalt ) Light Green (Hookers Green + Lemon Yellow) Black

Step 3. Marking up the colour guidelines.

Referring to the second image in this PDF faithfully reproduce the guidelines with a Grey Fine Tip Marker.

The Snowy Owl

Step 1. Under Coating.

The first step is to give the stone a White base. Although the Owl we are creating is White I have mixed in a touch of Ultramarine and Yellow Ochre to slightly tint the tone. Paint this mix over the stone. Let this dry. Mix in a little more Yellow Ochre and paint in the base and face. Blend the face into the White of the body. Let this dry.

Step 2. Marking up the Owl.

Referring to the image of the finished model, draw in the details and the feather markings with the fine tip marker. First draw in the beak. This will give you a reference point for the eyes. Pay close attention to the Video and take note of the direction of how the plumage lies on the body. Although the plumage is essentially Black on White the shapes are quite complicated so I’ve simplified each shape to a shallow V with a square shape at the base. As you move down the body, the markings become thinner and closer together. Once the front is finished create the markings on the back. Once you get half way down the back, the Primary feathers should be drawn in.

Step 3. Painting.

Using Black, paint in the beak, pupils and the area around the eye. Whilst the Black is still wet subtly add in some White into the front edge of the beak. This will suggest the shape. Next paint in the iris with Lemon Yellow. Create a grey from White and Black in equal proportions and start to paint in the dark part of the plumage. As you work down your owl add more Black to the mix to darken it. By the time the plumage at the bottom of the owl has been reached the tone should be pure Black. Next, work on the back starting from the head. Again refer the video to see how the primary feathers are suggested. Once the Black is all laid in suggest some of the light plumage on the face with pure Titanium White. At this point you can lay in the highlights into the eyes as well.

Material List

  • Fine Tip Markers Signature 12pc
  • Plastic Brush Washer Signature
  • Gallery Series Brush Set Acrylic 6pce
  • Round Plastic Palette Discovery 17cm (6.7in)

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