14 May 2023Mont Marte

Movement is at the heart of Bridget Bradley’s work. An artist and yoga teacher on the Sunshine Coast, Bridget’s (@bridgetbradleyart) abstract art is created by spontaneously dripping paint and using expressive brush flicks to cover the canvas.  
We can easily spot her inspirations too, the pops of neon colours and heavy textures are inspired by the street art of Hong Kong and Melbourne, as well as Jackson Pollock of course!

Itching to know more, we had a chat with the abstract expressionist artist, to uncover how she found her style, how she paints her abstract pieces and where she turns to for inspiration.


Artist Bridget Bradley holding a red abstract artwork in front of her

Your work has elements of Jackson Pollock, mixed with street art influences, how did you find your own style?

Ever since I was old enough to pick up a brush or a pen, I have been creating art. When I was younger, I was mostly into sketching, so it wasn’t until the beginning of the pandemic when I decided to paint prolifically. At that time, I was stuck overseas in Hong Kong for 3.5 years and I needed a healthy outlet. My style developed through trial and error over the course of the pandemic, where I started expressing my emotions and energy onto the canvas. My early works were actually nature and cityscapes, but I found it too constraining staying in-between the lines. That’s when I gave in to my creative side and poured myself onto the canvas. I know I’ve done my best when at the end of the day, I’m covered in paint.

I had always admired Jackson Pollock and it wasn’t until I developed my abstract expressionism style that I realised I had channelled some inspiration from him. The street art influence comes from my travels, particularly my time living in Melbourne and Hong Kong. Both cities have incredible graffiti artists.


How do you apply your paint to the canvas?

I use a combination of abstract expressionism techniques, including: a brush to apply my multi-coloured bases, a palette knife to add texture, pouring paints, and action painting with expressive brush flicks. I like to use bright colours such as neons to uplift, heal and spread happiness.

Movement is everything to me, I put my soul into my artworks. Movement is not only important to my art, but it also transcends across my entire life. I practice and teach Yoga which also has an impact on how I create my art -- because it allows me to explore more about who I am and what direction I’m headed towards. It’s helped me develop a clear colour palette for my pieces.


A neon abstract paitning with heavy paint textures and layers

Where do you find your creative inspiration for a piece?

I paint what I feel, and the painting develops out of my own energy, which is why my pieces are so heavily textured. Each painting I create is made with complex, intricate layers as I transfer my raw energy onto the canvas, using my own language of colour. In terms of inspiration for the colour palette, I draw upon nature and my current surroundings. Many of the colours I use, have been inspired by the Australian landscapes, sunset and ocean.


Where do you create?

I first started painting from a tiny room in my apartment in Hong Kong. I had to cover my floor and bed with sheets to prevent any paint stains, but I always managed to get it on something! My current studio space is in my home on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. I’ve just moved back from Hong Kong, so my space is still a work in progress.

The studio is light and airy with white walls and tiles keeping the area cool during the humid summer months. There’s enough room to create large works, which is great. I recently purchased a black trolley to keep my Mont Marte paints in order, and a large neutral canvas protector to keep the tiles clear of paint marks. My dream is to have an independent studio of my own.


Bridget holding a paint brush in one hand and doing a yoga pose with the other. In the back are her artworks and an art trolley

Sounds like a dream space! What’s something that stifles your creativity?

Some of my best works are created when I’m going through an emotional experience, which could be anxiety, a break-up, experiencing nature, or something that makes me happy. In terms of being stifled, I would say probably not getting out in nature enough or being around people who don’t share the same positive vibes. 


Who are your creative cheerleaders?

My family for sure! My parents have always supported me and my art so I’m very fortunate to have that. My mum is an artist too, so it’s good to be around people who understand the creative process. Mum is my voluntary mentor, she assists me with the business, we’re a mother/daughter team. She designed my website bridgetbradleyart.com and focuses on the technical aspects.

My other major creative cheerleader is my bestie Eva, who has always been there for me through thick and thin. She describes my art as “Regal Neon haha. She is the proud owner of one of my first works 1000 Roses.

And of course, my supporters who buy my art and follow me on Instagram. I literally wouldn’t be where I am today without you all!


A coloured abstract painting on a white wooden chair with a green plant next to it

What are you “too old to do” but still enjoy doing?

I don’t believe in being too old to do things. Whatever sets your soul on fire, makes you happy or something you’re passionate about. Age just doesn’t come into it.


What 3 art supplies would you take to the moon?

premium Mont Marte canvas to withstand the environment, neon paint as that’s my signature palette (and it’s pretty grey up there), and lastly my much-loved palette knife to recreate the texture of the moon.


Heavily textured abstract expressionist artwork of red and green.

It's a Friday night and we' re coming around for dinner! What would you cook us?

Probably my dad’s famous nachos! We went to Mexico when I was 7 years old and ever since then we have fallen in love with the spice of Mexican food! We have a family tradition of Friday night nachos.


We love that, nachos are the best! What would you say to someone who might be a little scared to take a leap into creativity?

Take that leap! If you have a creative soul, a passion for art, or even business, then just do it. Be prepared for criticism, but keep in mind your own belief in yourself and relentlessly keep at it. Consistency, dedication and belief will get you results.

When I first started, I had no intentions of even selling my art. It was purely a creative outlet but slowly over time people started saying how much they loved my work, and I was encouraged to give it a go. There have been many times where I wanted to give up, but I never did and that’s what leads to success.


Artist Bridget holding a canvas smilling with abstract paintings behind her and an art trolley next to her

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