08 Aug 2022Mont Marte

Drawing a bit of a blank? There’s no better time to put pen to paper and unleash your creative spark by giving one of these 20 pen and ink drawing ideas a go for yourself.


1. Dog
Realistic portrait of Indy the whippet dog drawn in pen.

Why not try your hand at drawing man’s best friend? We love this pen and ink drawing of Indy the whippet. If you can’t get your pooch to sit still, snap up a photo and go off that instead, that way you’ll have the time to create but also still be able to zoom in and see those adorable tiny features.


Drawing of a fuel station in the desert created in pen.

Take your drawing to the desert and go off the grid like this idea. This little fuel station is brought to life with the cactus details and a lone spare tyre on the ground. Next time you’re thinking of creating an ink drawing, go remote and see what inspirations you find.

3.  Little house

 Drawing of a small house in Philadelphia drawn in pen with a pen resting beside it.

For a drawing idea that’s as safe as houses, turn to your neighbourhood for some creative inspiration. This pen drawing of a little house in Philadelphia is made more interesting with the small but mighty details that have been added, think little shrubs out the front, curtains in the windows and the tree next door, overall, we love this idea.

4. The study

Pen and ink drawing of a messy desk on a notepad.

You certainly don’t need to trot around the globe to find something to draw. You can always start with your study or desk like this pen drawing idea. Made up of mostly hatching for texture and depth, turn to your desk and capture the things (or the cluttered mess if you will) that make up your desk.  

5. Dirt road
Dark and densely drawn pen sketch of a view along a dirt road.

Mix things up and try a one-point perspective road like this pen sketch idea. To create your one-point perspective, create the horizon in the middle of the page, then plot out the vanishing point in the middle of the line like this road. Add in the finer details like markings on the road or trees on either side, then watch your road take shape. Pen techniques like cross hatching can be used to show off the shadows and highlights, so next time you’re dreaming up a pen and ink drawing idea to try, go down this road.

6. Nature drawing
Dark and densely drawn pen sketch of a view along a dirt road.

Take your next pen and ink drawing to new heights like this drawing of Indonesia’s Mt. Semeru. A drawing like this will also help hone in on your drawing techniques, here stippling adds a nice detail to the smoke and scumbling helps add texture and detail to the rock.

7. Lighthouse
Sketch in pen of three boats in the ocean near a lighthouse.

Take a trip on the high seas and turn your eye to something nautical like this pen and ink drawing idea. Mix it up with a combo of pen and ink or go a step further and add a pop of colour once you’re done.

8. The city side
The side of a New York cityscape drawn in pen.

Take a walk-up town and try a pen and ink drawing of a cityscape like this idea. Use a ruler for long, tall, buildings and add in details, like windows and signs. Or if you’re looking at creating an aerial drawing, try our one-point perspective cityscape.

9. Betta fish

Realistic betta fish drawn in black pen with a pen laying beside the paper.

If you’re a fan of stippling or looking for an idea to test out your skills, take a dive under the sea like this pen drawing of a betta fish. A wildlife drawing like this is a great way to test out your stippling technique and have fun playing with a mix of thick and thinner fine lines.

10. Brick house
Brick house drawing in pen on a sketchpad.

If you’re in need of another pen and ink drawing, challenge yourself with textures like this pen drawing of a brick house. Bring your drawings to life with intricate textures like bricks or wood panels and add small lines for blades of grass.

11. Time lapse
Pen drawing of Mill Farm house with shrubs and detailed windows.

Step back in time and take a look at houses over the years like this pen and ink drawing idea from Joshua Rushford that takes the same house and draw how it changes over the years. Dive into the archives and find old buildings or houses in your neighbourhood and take a leap back in time for some inspiration.

12. Flowers
Bunch of native flowers drawn in pen on a sketch book.

Create flowers that will last forever by drawing a flower arrangement like this idea. Whether you choose sunflowers, hibiscuses, ferns or peonies, sketch your garden or draw an arrangement, the choice is yours.  

13. Palm trees
Drawing of two palm trees drawn in pen.

Escape the heat and try sketching some shade like this pen drawing. Palm trees are a great way to brush up on your shading techniques for both pen and ink drawing, so you can hone in on your skills while still having some fun too.

14. City sketch
Pen sketch of a city in Radcliffe Oxford.

Don’t limit yourself to the studio, venture out to the town or your closest city with a pen and a notepad and sketch the sights, like this idea. Old buildings, museums, churches, city halls and libraries are all fun to draw, so head out for some city inspiration.

15. Beach escape
Beach drawing of shells on the sand with waves drawn in pen.

If you’re lucky enough to hit the sea and sand, take a pen and sketch the landscape like this idea. Try contour hatching, (where curved lines are used to add depth and tone like hatching), to create waves and add extra details to shells. 

16. Living room
Pen drawing of living room scene with arm chair, lamp and curtains.

Sketch your favourite armchair or curl up on the sofa with your sketchpad and recreate one of the cosiest rooms of the house. We love this drawing idea of an armchair with curtains, a rug and a lamp, it shows you can always capture the fine details.

17. Still life
Pen drawing of a still life with cup of tea book and pot plant.

Still lifes don’t have to be reserved for painting, you can draw them too! We love this pen drawing of a cup of tea on a book near a pot plant. Add some extra details and texture like hatching, cross hatching or add some rendering, whichever you like to make it yours!

18. Urban Sketch
Urban Sketch of European city in ink with watercolour.

Whether you choose pen, ink or a mixture of both mediums for your next pen and ink drawing, don’t forget to add a wash of colour to your masterpiece like this idea.

19. Windows
Pen and ink drawing of a French style building with windows and flower boxes.

Focusing on windows and small details on buildings are great ways to practice your pen and ink skills. Try crosshatching and stippling techniques to show texture. Not sure how? Check out our drawing techniques here.

20. Windmills

Scandinavian style drawing of a windmill on a hill with patterns drawn in pen and ink.

Looking for something to inspire your next drawing? Turn to a windmill like this idea. We love the detail with contrasting patterns and of course, the attention to detail.

We hope these ideas leave you feeling inspired to create your next pen and ink drawing. Try them for yourself and #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook, we’d love to see what you create.

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