23 Jan 2024Mont Marte

We’re launching our new product with a bang! Explore Deco Pudge ideas and try out decoupage at home. Read on to find your next project and get inspired to upcycle, DIY, and create!

DIY bottle art designs

4. Bottle decorated with abstract linework faces


Image: @re_ne_art

Add a dynamic, modern design to a bottle to make it your own. You can transfer a pattern with decoupage paper or draw one on with paint pens, then seal in your creation with a multipurpose glue & sealer (like Deco Pudge!).

Love your reflection

Floral patterned round mirror crafted with Deco Pudge


Upcycle an outdated mirror to match your home’s aesthetic. Using Deco Pudge, decoupage a bold print or pattern around the mirror’s frame so it becomes striking art. Warning: you may notice that you check yourself out more! See Deco Pudge in action in our demo video.

Make-up brush holder DIY

3. Brush holder with decoupage cafe scenery and vintage styling


Image: @agnieszka_rzezutka

Add a personal touch to an item you use every day. This design has a vintage feel, with an antique café image transferred onto the brush holder. You can take it a step further by dry brushing some dark tones over the nooks and crannies for a trendy tarnished look. 

Tray tune-up

Wooden tray with tree image decoupaged onto the inside


Upcycle an ordinary serving tray by using Deco Pudge to add a unique design. You can keep the colours simple – we went for a bold black to make the tree really pop. You could try out all kinds of silhouettes, like a dancing couple, a beloved pet, florals, and more! Discover extra Deco Pudge ideas in our demo video.

Fall DIY project

 Autumnal decoupage brooch with bench painted under fall tree


Image: @agnieszka_rzezutka

Make a unique medallion that suits the season! This fall-inspired medal uses decoupage to bring Autumn to life. Try this at home and make one for every season, holiday, and event to capture their essence! It’s a great decoration, accessory, or gift.

Decoupage storage boxes

2. White decorative storage boxes with decoupaged lacey blue patterns


Image: @juliett_manualidades

Bring your sense of style to your décor with decoupage. Pick a simple print or design and add them to your decorations to make them matchy-matchy. Starting with a simple base colour like white and decoupaging a bold pattern on top is a fun DIY project anyone can have a go at.

Bottle painting birds

6. Bottle decorated with bird and bird house decoupage art


Image: @re_ne_art

Level up your next bottle art project with – you guessed it – decoupage! Find a fun paper design to transfer onto the bottle or DIY an image with paints. Finish it off with a sealer like Deco Pudge and maybe pop a flower into the bottle for extra flair.

Decoupage chest

5. Box with a padlock deocrated in floral decoupage patterns


Image: @juliett_manualidades

Make the most out of your multipurpose glue, sealer, and varnish by upcycling a chest for a cute project! You can decoupage a pretty pattern, glue on a 3D trinket, and seal it all in with one simple product. This design has it all – have a go at a similar style by playing with Deco Pudge.

Transfer a photo

 Mini schnauzer photo transferred onto a coaster with Deco Pudge

Put a loved one (pet or human) onto a coaster, trinket tray, vase, or other homeware so you can see their face around the house. You can see this process in action in our Deco Pudge product demo video.

Bonus! Not decoupage but still using Deco Pudge…

Cup being decorated with blue glitter on the bottom half


We used Deco Pudge to transform this cup. Simply grab the glitter colour of your choice and use the multipurpose glue to stick it to the base of the cup! Tip: use masking tape to get seamless glitter placement.


Once the Deco Pudge is completely dry, add a final coat to seal in the glitter. See our demo for more inspo!



We hope you’ve found a new project or idea that tickles your fancy. If you have a go at decoupage, #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook to show us what you come up with! You might need some Deco Pudge to get started!


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