14 May 2019Mont Marte

Mandala patterns might look complicated, but anyone can create one (even if you never have before)! The key is to take it one step at a time. Make your centre point and slowly work your way out with a series of symbols or patterns. Need some inspo? Check out the ideas below.

1. Stone mandala

Hand holding a stone mandala.

Image credit: Colours and Smiles

Round, smooth stones are the perfect shape for a mandala. You can plan out your pattern with a graphite pencil before you start dotting with acrylic paint or just go with the flow and see what happens.

2. Sun mandala

A sun mandala.

Image credit: Zsuzsi Mandalas

The sun is a popular mandala subject that can be created using a wide range of styles, symbols and shapes. Use gold paint against a dark background to make your mandala really shine.

3. Flower mandala

A flower mandala.

Image credit: Eva Schafroth

You’ll often see nature and flowers (particularly the lotus) in mandala designs. Most flowers will work well with the circular design, so feel free to use your favourite for the centre.

4. Animal mandala

Animal mandala.

Image credit: Carolane Pilon

Animal Mandalas make a beautiful décor piece and are a lot of fun to create. You can place the animal wherever you want to, but the most common design is to draw them in the foreground (like the image above) or centre of your mandala.

5. Circle mandala

Circle mandala.

Image credit: Colours and Smiles

This idea is simple and can help you take a few moments to relax. Whether you do it in one sitting or over multiple days, we think you’ll really enjoy it.

6. Cell division mandala

A cell division mandala.

Image credit: Zsuzsi Mandalas

Bring art and science together with this cell division mandala idea.

7. Compass mandala

Compass mandala.

Image credit: Carolane Pilon

The possibilities really are endless when it comes to designing your mandala. With its circular design, a compass is another great centre point for your design.

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