21 Feb 2023Mont Marte

They say it’s the most important meal of the day, so why not use breakfast as a way to get inspired too?! We’re serving up 14 breakfast drawings to get you back to the drawing board. From quirky morning still lifes to breakfast food drawings, let’s get inspired!

1. Jam on toast

Breakfast drawing of jam on toast with a butter knife next to it.

Image: hiranotoshiyuki

Let’s start simple, with the humble jam on toast. You can draw it in markers, pencils or pen and ink to begin with, then add some colour to bring your drawing to life. Don’t forget to add some light hatching or broken lines to the bread for texture.



2. Brekky still life

Drawing of a bagel with a blue kettle, drawn in pen and ink and coloured with watercolour.
Image: dudayismcreates

Grab a yummy breakfast, a fineliner pen, some markers and get stuck into it! Whether you try a free hand still life or a continuous line drawing to switch things up, draw what you can see first, before adding in extra details, colour and shading.


3. Play with perception

Drawing of bacon cooking in a frying pan on an old stove, drawn in a sketchbook.
Image: eggleston_art

Breakfast cooking on the stove, a bird’s eye view of the kitchen table or people eating breakfast, play with perspective and have some fun in your sketchbook. Little details like salt and pepper, condiment jars or cooking oil can add some fun interest to your drawings too.


4. Duo coloured breakfast still life

Hand holding a coloured breakfast still life drawing with pink and orange coloured pencils.
Image: sophiecoletteillustration

Still stuck? Challenge yourself by limiting your colour palette to two or three colours. Add a light colour for your highlights and a darker for your shadows and have some fun with it, you’ll be surprised with what you can create!

5. Cooking up a storm with kraft paper

A realistic drawing of waffles with maple syrup on top, drawn on kraft paper.
Image: artworksbygrace

Whether you’re planning a new artwork or just having some fun, why not try kraft paper for your next drawing? This paper is fab for realistic drawings like these waffles with coloured pencils, or for quick brekky sketches with charcoal, inks or soft pastels.

6. Bowl of cereal

A drawing of coloured cereal in a green bowl.






Image: katherinehorn

A bowl of cereal is a simple drawing idea but one that can easily become a stunning artwork! When drawing don’t forget to add in your shadows with hatching or cross hatching to suggest light and make your drawing look more realistic. For more on how to crosshatch check out our drawing techniques.

7. Morning meal and markers

Pen drawing of bacon and eggs with cross hatching and details.
Image: omena_apple

Grab the fine liners or the markers and try this fun bacon and egg breakfast style drawing. This idea is also great if you’re looking to hone on your cross hatching or drawing techniques too. Not sure how to start? You can learn how to use cross hatching to create shadows in your drawings here.

8. Add watercolour to the mix

Realistic drawing of a stack of pancakes with butter on top, then coloured with watercolour.
 Image: yourfavoriteartist6

Watercolour is a great medium to splash in and to help bring your drawings to life. So, start out with a sketch then reach for the watercolours. Use the white of the paper as your highlights or grab some masking fluid and plan out your highlights.

9. Croissant in ink

Realistic drawing of a croissant drawn in pencil.

Image: bencadbury

If you’re looking for something to practice your pen and ink drawings, croissants are great to draw! Add in their flaky pastry texture, play with lines and segments, and try your hand at getting the hang of curved lines. Then celebrate your hard work by treating yourself to a bite!

10. Orange juice in oil pastels

Oil pastel drawing of a fork on a table with two glasses of orange juice on the table.
Image: georgetteismith

For something a little different, jump into oil pastels and draw your morning breakfast! Orange juice is full of colour, and we love the addition of the patterned tablecloth here too. Try something different, but most importantly, just have fun with it!

11. Pencil still life



Graphite drawing of breakfast food on a table.
Image: Gianamsworld

Try a monochrome still life for something different! This pencil still life of a breakfast table looks great in just graphite pencil. Plus, it goes to show that still lifes aren’t just for oil painters!

Adding in the cup of tea, croissant, plant and even the flowers on the tablecloth are all nice details that add interest to the artwork. Of course, not everyone has floral tablecloths, so have a look online for settings you like, and draw a photograph instead!

12. Try another style

Cartoon drawing of a men's hand frying eggs over a stove for breakfast.

Image: darmasaputraallan

What’s your usual style? Change things up with your breakfast still life and try drawing it in another style like abstract, cartoon, manga or realism. Go on, give it a whirl and see what happens!

13. A busy cafe

Two people eating in a café drawn with pen and ink.

Image: ranksart

Sketching a busy café or people enjoying their breakfast together is also another idea if you’re looking for something fun to create. Grab a sketchbook, head to a café and sketch what you see.


14. Grab some watercolour pencils

Breakfast still life drawing of apples, juice, coffee and pastries drawn in pencils.
Image: bebet_art

Why not try drawing a breakfast still life with pencils! Watercolour pencils are a great way to bring more life to your drawings. Or on the other hand, you could also try pastel pencils or even the humble coloured pencil!

Well, the kitchens closed now! Looking for more drawing ideas? Check out these one point perspective drawing ideas or learn how to create more realistic drawings.

We hope that you feel inspired to create your own breakfast drawing. Try it for yourself and #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook, we’d love to see what you create.