02 Feb 2024Mont Marte

If you want to dive into the world of art markers, look no further! We’ve gathered a bunch of drawing ideas with markers so you can get inspired to create. From fruit artworks with smooth blending to simple line drawings, there’s loads of different styles to explore. Pick up some markers and have a go at home.

Fruit drawing

1. Marker drawing of appled on a leafy branch


Image: @terra.incognta

Markers are great for layering colours to create dimensional, realistic artworks. The skin on these apples blends orange, yellow, and red lines to mimic the streaky appearance of real apples. Keeping negative space and highlights bright is an important part of the layering process so that you can create clean gradients and colour mixing.

Line drawing

2. Marker line drawing of an ocean landscape


Try a black marker drawing for a simpler look. Explore minimalism by removing shading and mapping out your subject with connected linework. This style is popular with tattoo designs and modern art pieces – have a go by following our how-to video and DIY some trending wall art!

Pool drawing

3. Artwork of a pool with people swimming and relazing by the water done in markers


Image: @bogdan_shiptenko

This marker drawing idea is straightforward but super effective. The bold, broad strokes of the marker on the pool surface leaves negative space to suggest movement and highlights on the water. The shadows cast by the figures suggest strong sunlight, drawing out the viewer’s memories of summertime swims. This bold colouring technique is simple but effective, creating a bold and vibrant piece with loads of negative space.

Floorplan sketch

4. Marker drawing of a house floorplan with wood floors and greenery


Image: @icmelme

If you’re into architecture, or maybe you just love real estate, why not use markers to draw a floorplan? They add depth and dimension to the shading in this piece, bringing the property to life with warm colours and temperature. From wood floors to shimmering pools, markers are great for this kind of sketching!

Cherry drawing

5. Cherry artwork made with Dual Tip Alcohol Art Markers


Small fruits such as cherries and strawberries make for cute marker drawings. We can walk you through the blending and layering technique we used to make this artwork in our how-to video. Try it out at home with our Dual Tip Art Markers!

Hair drawing

6. Marker drawing of braided pastel fantasy hair


Image: @bonnitadoodles

Next time you want to dye your hair, why not sketch your fantasy colour before going to the salon? It might make you feel confident about getting a new do! Work out the best colours to choose by blending them together and experimenting with ombre effects.

Bird drawing

7. Marker artwork of a small bird with the colours swatched and coded


Image: @goudenlijntjes

Taking inspiration from nature is a great place to start when sketching. This bird sketch takes the extra step to swatch the colours used next to the artwork, including their colour codes. This helps when recreating the sketch, or trying to colour match, as you have a reference point for your colour palette!

Line drawing portrait

8. Marker outline portrait in a free flowing style


Simplify portraiture by focusing on the outline. Use simple, connected lines to map out your subject, capturing what makes them unique by drawing defining features such as their posture, face shape, or proportions. We walk you through this process in our step-by-step lesson so you can explore the technique at home!

Character artwork

9. Character artwork of an orange haired subject with their tongue out and eyes around them


Image: @april_gooding_art

Use your imagination to create a character and bring them to life with markers. Remember, it doesn’t have to be hyper-realistic; give them a long tongue or vibrant makeup if you want to! It’s your character, so go wild!

City sketch

10. Urban city marker drawing with vibrant colours


Draw your city with bright colours using art markers. The strokes of colour add an artsy feel and extra dimension to the shading, so you can put your own spin on a cityscape. Try out the project by picking up some markers and following our tutorial.



Fingers crossed this collection of marker art ideas has inspired you to grab some markers and get creating. Whether you go for linework minimalism or vibrant colouring, make sure you have fun along the way.

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