23 Apr 2024Mont Marte

Get inspired to cut up and layer paper, fabrics, and other surfaces to create a unique artwork. Pick your fave example collage below and have a go at home to experience this liberating art style! There aren’t any rules – just make something that sparks joy for you.

Paper tree collage

@tatjanamaiwyss paper collage artwork of an apple tree on white paper


Image: @tatjanamaiwyss

Grab a hole punch and some watercolours and draw yourself a cute tree! Add the fruit to the tree by punching holes in coloured Craft Paper or Card and sticking them onto the branches. You can try this with loads of different fruit trees by changing the colour of the paper.

Media collage

Mixed media collage artwork with bright colours and newspaper clippings


Have you heard of mixed media? In our techniques video, we show you loads of ways you can layer paper and mediums to create a dynamic collage. Check out the lesson to learn more!

Food collage

@iris_fogel_ben_hamou collage artwork of vegetables


Image: @iris_fogel_ben_hamou

Celebrate your fave veggies by recreating them in collage form. Draw texture on your paper using Coloured Pencils and other sketching mediums before cutting out your vegetable shapes. This can be a fun project to try with the family – it may even help little artists feel more fondly towards their veggies!

DIY handmade greeting cards

@soozrossiter 6 flower collage artworks on white paper


Image: @soozrossiter

Add a personal touch to your next gift by making a homemade card. This collage artist has created unique flower designs on white paper, bringing a pop of colour to the cards. What patterns or designs would you make for your loved ones?

Collage jar

@iris_fogel_ben_hamou collage artwork of a pickle jar


Image: @iris_fogel_ben_hamou

Make your collage 3D by adding framing. This pickle jar masterpiece is cute and dimensional, with the contents of the jar seemingly within the jar itself. The layering of the garlic, dill, and pickles all brings depth to the collage, for a simple but striking effect.

Cubism collage

Cubism collage portrait with many images and bright colours


Explore Cubism by making a vibrant collage. It may seem a bit random, but that’s the beauty of it! We’ll show you how each of the techniques was done in our how-to blog, so follow along to learn more.

Colourful collage

@ke_neil_we abstract collage artwork with vibrant and pastel coloured organic shapes


Image: @ke_neil_we

Assemble an abstract design with your favourite colours, patterns, and shapes to create a unique artwork. This artist has used different art mediums to add patterns and colour to the paper, so when layered they have a dimensional effect.

Person collage

@lpcincy collage artwork of a person walking in front of a car with yellow dotted background


Image: @lpcincy

Keep it simple but striking by using bold shapes and a photo cutout. Just grab some Glue and stick your pieces on the paper in a way that draws the eye. You can create dimension by changing the layering and placement of your person against the background shapes.

Round shape collage

@_paper_and_such_ vintage collage artwork on round surfaces


Image: @_paper_and_such_

Take inspiration from vintage designs and stick them onto a round surface. This is great inspo for decoupage coasters or trinket trays so you can DIY your home décor – you may find our multipurpose glue and sealer, Deco Pudge, helpful for this! A round canvas is fun to work with; placement becomes quite important as some of the images will inevitably be cut off. Have a go at home and try different shapes for different effects!

Collage practice

@izzymoore.art many collage artworks from @janedaviesart art lessons


Image: @izzymoore.art (as part of @janedaviesart online course)

Get familiar with the art of collage by making a bunch. Cutting shapes, playing with colours, layering designs, and seeing the results will help you understand which artworks spark your interest. Once you find some themes or styles you like, keep going down the rabbit hole and see what you come up with!



We hope you’ve found a new collage work to try out at home. If you do get creating, #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook to show us what you make! If you need more ideas, check out our Inspo collection.


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