15 Apr 2024
Craft DIY Sculpting and Modelling


"When I choose sculpting subjects, I find inspiration in everyday moments that evoke nostalgia or a sense of whimsy. I blend these daily experiences with my favourite animals, fruits, colours, and even holidays dear to my heart happening at that time. This fusion of elements allows me to create sculptures that not only capture the essence of my personal joys but also resonate with my audience."

Maria Brynza, AKA Gerda of @gerdasgardenboutique, is a clay artist known for her cute creations on social media. From mushrooms to fruit, she moulds itty bitty clay friends for her followers to fall in love with. 

Gerda is excited at the thought of getting into storytelling, bringing her imagination to life through illustrations and words. She's extremely passionate about her business and takes an adventurous approach to arts and crafts.