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Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the Mont Marte brand and discover all the goodies we have to offer? Welcome to our cosy corner of the web, where we're spilling the beans on our top products, handy tips, where to find Mont Marte near you, and more! Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting out, we've got the inside scoop to make your journey smoother than butter on a hot canvas. Let’s get into it!

What’s Mont Marte’s top product?

Mont Marte Creative Art Station against blue and white background


According to Australian customer data, The Mont Marte Creative Art Station reviews are extremely positive, and it’s continually one of our most purchased products! It’s also our number 1 most wishlisted item on the AU site, popular because it’s a great studio solution for any space. Our research says the Creative Art Station is our top product, but our Tilting Studio Easel, SuperCell Paints and Acrylic Inks are crowd favourites across the globe as well.

How do I say Mont Marte?

We get this question all the time, and we get why. Mont is pretty straightforward, but how do you say ‘Marte’? Simply pronounce it ‘Mart’ – forget all about the ‘e’ (it’s silent). Hope that helps! Let us know how you’ve been saying it by tagging us on socials or emailing us 😊

Is Mont Marte good quality?

Huge range of Signature art products stacked on top of each other


We know that hearing a brand talk about how good they are is not why you’re here. So, let’s get into the truth behind our supplies! We’ve made 5 Product Levels that are a direct reflection of skill level and quality – the more advanced the skill level, the higher the quality.


Starting with Play, these products are durable and affordable, made for kids to start exploring art with. They’re not designed for professional use and are exactly as described – great for playing!


Discovery is next, and this level is all about affordability. It’s great for beginners and kids looking to expand their horizons and try out more art products without breaking the bank. We wouldn’t recommend this tier for professionals either, but it’s great for experimenting and getting comfy with creating.


Signature is a versatile range with loads of reliable products to explore. These products are a step up in quality and perform well for a range of techniques, styles, and purposes. Ideal for students, hobbyists, and crafting, this range includes a broader selection of supplies to try out.


Next is Premium, which is more focused on quality and creating unique artistic effects. This range has products specially made for texture, pouring, lettering, dimension, depth, and more so you develop your skillset to a higher level. It’s great for creators and art students familiar with the basics, looking to try new things and play with Premium supplies.


Lastly, our Artiste range is recommended and designed for professional artists. Only the highest quality materials are used for these supplies, so they offer precise control and effects. This level includes some select studio equipment like our Big Red Easel, as well as brushes and accessories to help elevate your art.

Is Mont Marte a good brand?

Mont Marte then and now premises


Well, we think so and we definitely try to be! Our Brand has humble beginnings and was kind of started by accident! Our founders Bob, Carol, and Cheyne Kent were originally running an import wholesale business, supplying variety stores with hardware and garden products. They discovered the art world in early 2003 when a shipment of garden stones was too heavy for a full container, so artist’s canvases were used to top up the shipment!


Rolling with the opportunity, Bob, Carol, and son Cheyne, set the products up to sell, only to see them fly off the shelves. Turns out, Australians (and soon to be the rest of the world) were keen to get creating! We’ve been working to supply everyday people with the tools they need to express themselves ever since. Check out our old HQ next to our current one in the pic above to see how far we’ve come.


Our values are really important to us. We have values that lead our Brand and values that guide our team. We want to provide creators with a Brand that authentically gives people of all skills and abilities A Fair Go, Fun, Imagination, and Inspiration.  To do that, our teams across the world work to keep these values in mind: Family, Courage, Dedicate, Team, and Innovate. We always try to do our best, uphold our values, and spread the good work that you can create!

Where’s a Mont Marte near me?

Mont Marte can be found in more than 100 countries! We’ve got loads of stores around that sell our supplies, and you can find your local by checking out our Store Locator. We’re also on Amazon.com for numerous countries, and ship direct to you within Australia.

What’s I Can Create Mont Marte?

I can create slogan surrounded by colourful Mont Marte graphics


That’s our motto! You might draw. Sketch. Scribble. You might paint. You might finger-paint. It could be portraits. Landscapes. Abstract. You might just splash paint about and see what happens.


You might sculpt. You might build. You might shape. You might craft. Doodle. Trace. You might think you’re an artist. And you might not think it’s art.


All we know is that you can create.


And we’re your biggest fan.

How can I get involved as a Mont Marte artist?

We run a free program to engage with artists and connect with creators online. You can sign up for Makers n Creators by filling out this form! The program has a tiered system for collabs and we’re proud to have loads of creators on board already. Get involved now!

Why do you have two sites?

Fair question! You may have been asked before to swap sites when browsing products online. We have a global site, montmarte.com, and an Australian site, montmarte.com.au. Australian visitors are better off looking at the AU site so that they can see the stockists local to them and check out the online shopping options.


For Global customers, we’re still working on creating a direct shopping option. Until then, you’ll want to browse goodies and more on the GLO site, so you can find stockists and more local to you!


Tip: We have a little button at the top of the site on the black toolbar where you can swap sites anytime.

How do I find your free online art classes?

Mont Marte Joe painting a duck with oils on a canvas easel


Our online tutorials, how-to videos, inspo, features, and lessons are all available as part of the Create section on our websites. You can quickly find this space by clicking the big red ‘Create’ button on the top-right of our desktop site! Check the side menu on the mobile site and click the Create button to browse.


Our Create section has a range of articles and videos to explore, including Tips & Techniques, Projects & How-tos, Inspo, Guides, Artist Features & Gallery, FAQs, and Demos. We’ve got stacks of info on all things art up already, and we upload new content weekly.


Stay up to date with all things Create by subscribing to our Creative Connection emails! Simply scroll to the bottom of our site and enter your email into the Creative Connection sign-up box.

How do I find what I’m looking for on the Mont Marte website?

Mont Marte website homepage screenshot with yellow highlight on Create button


We’ve designed our site and products to make them as easy to navigate as possible. Each product belongs to categories and skill levels so you can find exactly what you’re looking for, with loads of collections available to browse online.


Take Oil Paints: these fall under our Paint Category and are a Premium product, made for creators with an intermediate-advanced skill level in mind. We also have 3 collections under this product category, including Traditional Oils, Water Mixable, and Tubes. This system gives you loads of ways to search and narrow products to find what you’re looking for! 


As for blogs, type the topic you’re looking for into the search bar and hit enter. Navigate to the ‘Create’ tab (next to the ‘Product’ tab beneath the search bar). Then you can browse blogs related to your search!



Now you know a little more about us, we hope you’re ready to browse our site for products and inspo to get creating! If you do make something, #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook. We’re excited to see what you come up with!

If you’re searching for your next big idea, why not explore our Projects and How-tos. If you’re after answers to more art questions, jump into our FAQs collection.   

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