13 Dec 2023Mont Marte

Let’s dive into a Q&A with Australian artist Emily Birks (@emilybirksart) to learn about her approach to creating. Emily worked to turn her creative passion from a hobby into a source of income, using bright colours to bring her art to life. Read on to find out more about her experience in the art world so far.


Emily holding one of her bright floral paintings against a green leafy background

1. How do you find the time to paint and draw?

I find time to paint almost every day, whether it is for 5 minutes or 5 hours. I paint mostly during the evening when my children are asleep but tend to also spend some time on weekends painting.




2. What’s something that you’re proud of, that you don’t often get to talk about?

One thing I’m most proud of is the fact I started my art journey as a hobby over six years ago and today, I am creating and selling my art consistently.

3. How did you discover your creativity? Was it a gradual process or a surprise discovery?

I have loved creating and painting from a young age. Throughout high school, my love of painting grew stronger.  However, I took an extended break from creating, and it wasn’t until after the birth of my beautiful girls that I started painting again.


Skateboard painting with bright flower print held by person in orange outfit

4. When creating artwork, do you prefer to plan it out or jump in and learn as you go?

When creating a piece, I come up with a basic plan of what I want the painting to look like and the colours I want to incorporate. Other than that, I tend to spontaneously add in details as I go and make changes as needed.

5. Who’s your biggest creative inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is my two young daughters. I am inspired by their carefree, playful childhood natures and incorporate this feeling into my work.


Child holding painting of a blue bird sitting on a native Australian plant

6. What 3 art supplies would you take to the moon?

A canvas, paint brush and acrylic paints.

7. Does your family enjoy being creative alongside you?

My daughters love to create, they like to paint alongside me while I’m painting.


Emily Birks standing in front of one of her bright floral paintings in a white shirt

8. How do you tackle art block?

Taking a break from a piece and coming back to it after some time away with “fresh eyes”.

9. It's a Friday night and we're coming around for dinner! What are we eating?

Tacos or homemade pizzas (generally made with the help of four little hands).




10. What's your guilty pleasure?

Watching Disney movies.



We hope you feel motivated by Emily’s passion for creating! Pick up some bold and bright colours to channel something that inspires you into a painting. It could be the spirit and attitude of someone you love, or a bird perched on your window!


Check out more on @emilybirksart by hopping onto our gallery, where her art journey is featured. Stock up on bright colours by browsing out our huge range of paints. If you do get creating, #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to see what you come up with!


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