19 Oct 2022Mont Marte

They’ll often say that inspiration can be found just by looking around, and for abstract artist, Steff arttt (@steff.arttt) this couldn’t be more true. The Melbourne fluid artist’s earthy, pour paintings capture a bird’s eye view, of her favourite places. Coloured paints swirl around the canvas, capturing the peaks, valleys, rivers and oceans of her favourite Aussie places. Unable to travel during the pandemic and with Melbourne’s lengthy lockdowns, art was a chance for Steff to reflect and revisit some of these magical places.

Of course, we wanted to know more about Steff, how she finds her inspiration and most of all, how she finds the time to be creative, (we know it’s hard work), so we had a chin wag with Steff!

Steff at her solo exhibition 'from above.' Steff is wearing a brown dress and standing in front of her artworks on easels.

How did your journey to becoming an artist unfold?

I started to get back into painting about five years ago. Originally, I wanted to paint with watercolour. I began watching a few watercolour tutorials and stumbled across acrylic pouring. I absolutely loved the idea and the possibility of creating so many different patterns. From there, I started to experiment with different techniques and consistencies of paint to work out what worked for me, which has resulted in finding the style of work I have started to stick to.

What inspires you to create your pour paintings?
Definitely nature, the ocean is my main inspiration. A good way I get inspired, is by looking up aerial photography shots of the ocean, desert, forests. In a way, they look like a big abstract painting from above!

Steff's painting a green artwork called 'Northern lights.' Steff's sitting on wooden floor boards wearing denim overalls and painting with a brush.

How do you make your own materials?

I mix all my pouring paints from scratch to get the consistency I like. I would love to make a canvas, however that hasn't happened yet!

You’ll get there! Where do you create?
I am lucky enough to have my own little art shed out the back of my house. It’s covered in paint, a little messy but I love it.

Colourful pour painting with bright reds, dark blues, yellows and greens named Pandemonium.

What’s your favourite Mont Marte product?
Mont Marte’s canvases are all I use! And the 2 litre bottles of acrylic paint. I use so much paint when pouring, so it helps not having to run to the shops so often.

What creation are you most proud of?
My ocean piece “Sea Storm.” It was my first painting that I’d created where I was like “wow I can really create something amazing with this style.” It's one piece I never want to sell.

Blue ocean inspired pour painting named Sea storm by Steff arttt.

How do you find the time to be creative?
It’s hard sometimes while having a full-time job and juggling the other things in life. It’s something that makes me so happy and takes my mind off everything, so I definitely make the time.

Aside from art, what other hobbies do you enjoy?
I'm a big foodie so I’m always cooking! I am also planning to buy a professional camera so I can get back into photography.

Steff painting 'Merimbula' on a canvas with a scrunchie in her hair.

How good! What would you say to someone who might be a little scared to take a leap into creativity?
Just do it! You find more creativity, the more you experiment. Don't be hard on yourself and have an open mind, no idea is a bad idea!

Who are your creative cheerleaders?
Definitely my boyfriend and all my friends. They’re so supportive of my art and give me so much encouragement and feedback.

Steff Arttt's 'Great Northern' artwork on an easel. The artwork is a bright red pour painting.

It's a Friday night and we're coming around for dinner! What are we having?
A big bowl of pasta and a glass of wine...or 3!

What’s next? What are you excited for?
I’m planning to do a new collection of paintings, that are different than what I’ve done before! I’m also excited to just keep painting, pushing myself to keep putting myself out there and seeing where it takes me!

We hope that you feel inspired by Steff arttt and her creative journey. We’d love to see what you create too! #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook. Or if you’re looking for more creative inspo, check out more of our featured artists.