09 May 2024Mont Marte

Let’s chat with Malaysian artists and sisters over at @artsyspaceenterprise! Vilashene and Shalini work together as partners to run their arts, crafts, and sensory play workshops for kiddos in their community. Read on to find out more about their creative journey so far.

How did you discover your inner artist? Was it a gradual process or a surprise discovery?

Classroom of students creating


We have always been very passionate about colours, drawing, and painting at a very young age. We won trophies for school art competitions and so on. Therefore, it was definitely a gradual process, but the surprise was making a career in the same path.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

When we left our jobs as data analysts during the pandemic, we came across a mutual friend and a piece of advice she gave us changed our whole perspective on life. This is the line: “Life is a journey to be experienced”. We faced the challenges that came our way with a smile and here we are two years later.

What’s something that you’re proud of, that you don’t often get to talk about?

Children creating art in classroom at table


We are beyond proud to share that, from kicking off our journey with a leap of faith and leaving behind our corporate careers, we have integrated our services into five international school curriculums within two years. Our personalised programs are designed to cater to individual needs, empowering kids by bringing the learning experience directly to the comfort of their own homes.

What tips do you have for creating with kids and managing mess?

We believe that kids are natural artists. All kids need is an open-ended space to express themselves, some assistance, and proper tools to get creative with. Managing mess is one of the most crucial parts, but we’ve found the messiest child is usually the one who has the most fun. The mess itself is easily managed if we supply proper materials for the kids, such as washable markers, washable paints, etc., and wear old clothes so we don’t have to worry about them getting dirty.

What would you say to a beginner artist who might be a little scared to leap take the leap into creativity?

Child painting a picture of three different coloured cats


We’ve all gotta start somewhere. Whether you’re just starting out or trying to see where you can improve, learn to love the whole process. I think being patient and appreciating the journey of creating goes a long way for a beginner artist.

Where do you find creative inspiration?

Travel! Travelling opens our minds to new experiences and ideas as we come across different cultures. Our recent trip to Europe inspired us in many ways. We loved the heritage buildings that are now cafes - “La Maison Rose” was my first painting back home because it holds so many stories of Pablo Picasso visiting the cafe. We also came up with a few new arts and crafts ideas for our students, including a 3D Amsterdam Building Illustration and an Eiffel Tower Button Craft.

What would your dream creative space look like?

Painting of boats in front of a seaside city with Mont Marte paints next to it


Our dream creative space would be overlooking the beach with huge transparent sliding doors and lots of greens around. Our biggest inspiration would be from nature outside. Painting while watching the beach would be such a feast for the soul.

What' s your guilty pleasure?

We have two guilty pleasures – eating good food and travelling. Food is art in itself and travelling takes us to new places while teaching us about people, their culture, and history.

Do you like to plan a creative project or jump right in?

Student artwork of birds and flowers on hanging ladder


We like to plan a creative project as a team of two. We try to gather as many ideas as we can and utilise them to find the best way to approach a project.

Who inspires you the most?

My mom! She raised both me and my sister, single-handedly. She taught us that anything can be achieved when you are hardworking. We both took this leap of faith in creating Artsy Space knowing that hard work can’t go wrong.



If you feel inspired by Vilashene and Shalini’s creative passion, carve out some time this week to explore arts and crafts. Whether you’re a kid or a grown-up, creating is good for the mind and soul! If you do make something, #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook to show us what you come up with.


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