17 Oct 2023Mont Marte

If you love crafting and creating, meet Quinal Malara, an artist from India with a passion for all things art. From working with paper to paints, she explores different mediums to inspire her community.


Quinal posts her art on social media (@Quinns_Arte), with lots of handy videos so you can learn how to have a go at home. Her art projects are fun and unique, so let’s learn more about where her ideas come from.


1. @Quinns_Arte painting a picture of a mermaid on a large canvas

1. When did you realise you had a creative personality?

Ever since I was in school, I have always felt really close to art. Growing up, I indulged myself in different art forms, participated in various art & craft competitions, and there’s always been something or other to keep me close to art and colours. I used to get very excited to make school projects and I remember I always used to decorate tag boards in school all the time. Art was my happy place back then, now, & will be always.


3. @Quinns_Arte painting a female portrait with an intricate headress by a body of water

2. Aside from art, what other hobbies do you enjoy?

Beyond art, I really love baking, travelling, singing, and reading self-help and art history books. I feel that these hobbies enhance my creativity in fascinating ways. Baking encourages me to think outside of the box and helps me experiment with my creativity. Through reading books, I gain new perspectives, narratives, and learn habits that keep me disciplined and focused on achieving my goals.


Incorporating these hobbies into my life not only brings me joy but also provides a sense of inspiration that enriches my artistic endeavours.


3. @Quinns_Arte reading atop a rock near a creek

3. What would you say to someone who might be a little scared to experiment with art?

I can absolutely relate to those feelings. I remember when I started my journey as an artist, experimenting with different art styles felt daunting at times. What helped me overcome that fear was realizing that experimentation is the key to growth and self-discovery.


Initially, when I started my page, I used to make acrylic and oil paintings, then I got really fascinated with fluid art and now it's been 2 years and I've tried so many mediums like resin art, journaling, tie-dye, wax sealing, texture art, etc. Each art style I tried became a stepping stone towards finding my own unique voice and vision. It allowed me to push boundaries, learn new techniques, and truly understand what resonated with me.


So, to anyone who's hesitant, I say: embrace the uncertainty, don't be afraid to make mistakes, and let each experiment be a valuable part of your artistic evolution.


4. @Quinns_Arte holding an inspiring quote about painting in front of a sunflower

4. How do you find the time to be creative?

Honestly, having a profession of being an artist and daily art content creator, I feel you don’t need to find the time to be creative, creativity is a flow state which can be achieved through consistency.

5. What inspires you?

There are so many beautiful things around us, and there's so much to take inspiration from. One of my sources of inspiration comes from great art and artists. Exploring their masterpieces and getting to know their journeys ignites my imagination. Witnessing the stories behind their creations reminds me of how they followed their passion.


Equally enchanting, is the nature around us. Whether it's the vibrant colours of flowers or the ever-changing hues of the sky, nature's design is an eternal muse that encourages me to explore and experiment along my artistic journey.


5. @Quinns_Arte sliding paper craft of BFF burger and fries

6. What’s something that you’re proud of, that you don’t often get to talk about?

It was the time right before I started QuinnsArte. I had just come back after quitting my graduation course, and all my friends & relatives questioned my decision and were very critical about what I would do next. I had no clue which career path to choose next. Just when I thought I could give up after trying multiple things I dared to take that first step and took my first fluid art workshop. The confidence I got from it was magical.


So, yes, I am proud of myself for taking that step and having the courage to follow my passion. And all the work I did to make QuinnsArte what it is now, will always be something me and my parents will be proud of.


6. @Quinns_Arte holding pour painted letters of her name - Quinal

7. Do you come from a creative family?

I think I got this creativity from my Mom. When she was my age, she used to do a lot of creative work like embroidery, thread work on cushion covers and bedsheets, fabric painting, and stitching, and she stills does all those things in her free time. Her mother (my grandma) is also very creative, so it’s in the genes, I guess!


On the other hand, my Dad is a businessman, and I get to learn so many things from him. I think I got the leadership qualities and discipline that I needed to sustain in this creative field from him.


7. @Quinns_Arte sliding paper craft of a dad and daughter

8. How do you tackle art block?

Art block is something that happens to each and every artist out there. I feel the same most of the time, and what I like to do is to shut everything down and take some time off to spend it with my loved ones. I read books for inspiration, watch movies, and shut down every social media app.


I love to clean my studio and declutter everything when I am not able to create anything. I remember I was experiencing an art block around New Year last year, and I decided to paint Starry Night by the legendary Vincent Van Gogh which I wanted to paint for so long. That inspired me to break that art block and helped me to gain some perspective.


8. Starry Night painting in front of a body of water

9. What would your dream creative space look like?

My dream creative space would be a secluded place tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. A place that is surrounded by lush nature, where the gentle whispers of the wind and the melodies of birdsong are the only sounds to interrupt my thoughts. The room would be filled with natural light from big glass windows that offers breathtaking views of pretty skies and the vibrant beauty of the surrounding garden where I can take my easel out and paint. This dream creative space would be my heaven, where the world fades away, and my artistic spirit is free to take off.


9. @Quinns_Arte sitting outside with flowers, paints, and books surrounding her

10. What are your fave Mont Marte products?

My fave Mont Marte products are Acrylic Colours and French Box Signature Easel.


I have been using Mont Marte's acrylic colours in my colour mixing tutorials and I love how they blend together; the texture and the opaqueness of it is fabulous.



Hopefully, Quinal’s story and experience have inspired you to explore your own creativity. She has taught us to experiment with different mediums, as they are the stepping stones to discovering your style as an artist.


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