18 Jul 2023Mont Marte

Australian artist Jenna Hutchison – AKA @loveludie – lives off-grid in the Victorian High Country, driven by a passion for experimentation and usually a banging playlist. She shows us that setting no expectations for yourself and trusting the process is a winning combination to expressing yourself creatively. If you’re ready to feel inspired to explore your inner artist, read on to learn more about Jenna and her creations.

 Collection of abstract, earthy toned paintings on large canvases

1. What’s the most exciting project you’ve worked on?

I would say it is probably the one I am currently working on. I am currently creating two custom design suitcases for Samsonite. I will be physically painting onto the cases which will be a huge project but also something very different and fun.


2. How has your artistic style developed?

My style and art journey really began with me sitting in my garage experimenting every night. I had no idea what I was doing, I had no idea what some of the products were or how they worked. I was always very interested in Chemistry in school and loved the way elements would react and interact. I use a lot of products how they are meant to be used and I use a lot of products in ways they are NOT meant to be used - like resin!


3. What’s an art medium you’d love to explore more of?

Close-up of an abstract artwork painted in shades of pink and blue


I feel like I have used all mediums in so many different ways but the one medium or product that I haven't used much or at all really is oil-based paints. I normally don’t get scared or intimidated by products, but I am by oil paints haha.


4. How do you set up your creative space? (Environment, music, etc.)

I am currently living and working fully off-grid in the High Country, Victoria. The view from the studio overlooks endless mountains and it's absolutely breathtaking. When I first moved here everyone would say, “oh my gosh you are going to be sooo inspired up there”, and it really didn't come for a while. I was so used to living by the ocean and creating reef-scape pieces, so I think the new location of living and the new inspiration around me has helped my style evolve.


As far as music goes, I can literally go from listening to Tibetan meditation bowls to hardcore rap music… with everything in between. I notice I paint completely differently, and each style of music will put me in a very different headspace. I also listen to a lot of podcasts and watch a lot of different documentaries. I also have a LOVE LUDIE playlist on Spotify and it is an insight into my mind and my favourite songs. I am actually about to create an e-book with all things inspiration and advice. From techniques to playlists to studio snacks that you can make.


5. What are some tips for how to improve your art?

Jenna Hutchison sitting at a table holding a drink with her hand against her cheek


Experiment! Get to know your products and how they work and get to know how they work with each other. That's how I created my own style. Focus on the process, not the outcome. Don’t have any expectations and don’t give up - you will never get any better at something by not doing it. This is also very cliche but - look everywhere for inspiration.


6. Do you ever face any creative barriers? What’s your go-to method for breaking them down?

Always, every day! Being a full-time artist has been the hardest thing I have ever done. The constant self-motivation. I have loved myself, hated myself, been proud of myself and I have disappointed myself…and sometimes it can all happen on the same day in the same minute. But I feel like I have tried and tested the fear enough now to trust it. I also don’t force the inspiration and the creativity to be there when it isn’t. If I don't feel inspired, I find other ways to be creative without the pressure, like cooking pasta, playing with air dry clay, cooking etc.


7. What colour palette do you lean to and why?

Blue abstract painting on canvas hanging on the wall in a dining roomBlue abstract painting on canvas hanging on the wall in a dining room


I think I will always lean or go back to the ocean blues. I go from reef paintings to the surfaces of Mars. It is one extreme to the other. I think it is very important to constantly evolve and grow with your style, but also continue to create your original style and carry that through your career when you can. I also have a canvas in my studio that I call my ‘brain dump’ canvas, where I just experiment and play around with no expectations or purpose.


8. Who are your icons?

Oh my gosh, I think a lot of my icons are in the music industry, I always watch a lot of documentaries about singers and songwriters. I find it is a very inspirational process to find different ways to be creative and also never give up. I love watching creative processes that aren’t about painting. 


9. What’s your favourite time of day?

Blue brushtroke style artwork behind a white bodice statue


I love mornings, but in saying that I'm not someone that wakes up at the crack of dawn (even though I should be because the sunrise over the mountains is phenomenal). I love waking up, making a coffee and setting my day up. Every day is different, and I just love the possibilities ahead of me. I also always go and see the cows and say good morning.


10. Tell us the story behind your Instagram handle: @loveludie?

I get asked this all the time. The name Ludie was the name of my imaginary friend when I was little. The name ‘Love Ludie’ came about years and years ago when I was trying to think of a name for my Tumblr blog. I was trying to come up with a name that no one else would have yet something that still meant something to me.

I wanted it to be an expression of my imagination… so I thought about Ludie and then I thought LOVE LUDIE, so everything I put out into the world was LOVE my Imagination. I absolutely love the name and how it was created, and it is something that I can continue to grow with, and it will always have that sentimental meaning. I can’t wait to see where my imagination will take me.


 Jenna doing yoga in an open space with a galaxy projected on area

We hope you feel inspired by Jenna and her passion for creating. She has taught us that experimental art is a great way to find your own style, so long as you encourage yourself to embrace the process, rather than the outcome.

You can find more of @loveludie’s art here, where you can follow her many projects and artistic journey! Feel free to also check out some of our other featured artists for more ideas on getting creative.

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