15 Aug 2022Mont Marte

Inspired by the beauty of nature and the infinite universe, abstract artist Tatiana Georgieva (@tatgeorgieva.artist) paints what she sees and how she feels onto an empty canvas. Mixing and swirling thick acrylic paints and with a palette knife in hand, she creates larger than life bursts of colour.

Tat turns to the Aussie nature as a source of constant inspiration, occasionally weaving tapestries into her artworks along the way.
Tat Georgieva smiling in front of a large blue canvas with petals of blue paint.

How would you describe yourself in five words?

Passionate, believer, colourful and texture lover.

What’s your favourite medium to use and one that’s more of a challenge?

I mostly use thick acrylic paints with a palette knife or a brush. The fluid mediums, I find harder to handle, but I’m still trying and hoping to flow better with it someday.

A canvas of melting purples, greens and yellows flowing together organically.

How did your style develop?

I was always fascinated by mosaics and the effect they create, but having an abstract mind, I wanted to apply that without reference to any physicality. My first collection was developed (‘Infinite Universe’) that has a light, centre point with rays coming out that visually resembled symbolic rays of light, that we observe around the stars and planetary bodies looking in the telescope. The other series (‘Pacific rainbow’) came to existence as an everlasting desire to express the power of colour and liquidity, that it has when it splits from the single ray of light when descending onto our planet.

What does the process of creating an artwork look like?

I meditate most of the time before I start a new piece and the decision usually comes from there. For me, it’s a very subtle process, most of the time, the choice of colours matches my current mood and emotion and all of that goes onto the canvas. I normally don’t listen to any podcasts and rarely listen to any music while painting, to keep the emotions clear.

A colourful and textured artwork by Tat Georgieva named Aura Solar III from the series Infinite Universe.

Aura Solar III from the series: Infinite Universe.

How do you name an artwork?

I am bilingual, so names are often coming in both languages. So, to keep things neutral I translate it into Latin most of the time. This is why my artwork names may sound unusual, because it’s a dead language these days.

How do you get yourself out of a creative dry spell?

I go for nature walks - it’s an endless inspiration. Also, a good plan, [looking forward] for a near future or the next collection, works great!

Swirls of green, brown, grey and white melting together.

What are you most proud of creating?

My two children.

How do you like to spend your weekends?

With my kids and also - again - mother nature. We often bring home little beach treasures and small things from hikes, along with a lot of photos. I also often paint on Sundays!

Colourful circular canvas with a rainbow of paint placed like flower petals.

What’s next?

I am very excited (and grateful) for so many opportunities and mediums that artists are presented with these days - we truly live in an amazing time for creatives. I’m looking forward to expanding more on my new ideas and creating a collection that will be bringing geometry (that I find everywhere in nature) together with texture and colour. I’m also excited to experiment with new mediums that are coming onto the market for artists.

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