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How to draw glass with colour pencils

How to draw a glass with colour pencils

The materials for this lesson can be found at a Gold or above Art Centre. Go to to find your nearest stockist. MPN0109 Mont Marte Ultra soft colour pencils MSB0054 Mont Marte Sketch Pad A3 MPB0084 Mont Marte Hog Bristle Brush 75mm MAXX0030 Mont Marte Electric Eraser MPN0026 Mont Marte drawing Set 8pce Also Required: Tissues

This project could be done as a larger or smaller size. Don’t rub the papre to hard with the tissue or you could damage it. 1. Tinting the paper The first step is to tint the paper. In painting terms this is known as a ground and it not only provides a colourful background it also enables one to create whites by removing the colour to expose the white of the paper. Using the blade of some scissors create shavings onto the top half of the sheet of paper. Use Yellow, Ochre and Orange. Once the shavings are sitting on the page, a clean tissue can be used to rub the pigment into the surface. Make sure this yellow tone takes up only the top half of the page and blend it out to nothing as you move down the page Repeat this process into the lower portion of the page using Light Blue, Cobalt Blue, Purple and Black. 1

3 1 2 5 2 2. Transferring the image Take the image on page 7 and shade the backside with a 6B pencil. Turn the printout back over and place it face down onto the tinted sheet of paper. Use a sharp pencil and retrace all of the linework on the printout. Don’t press too hard when the drawing is being retraced or it can cause a trench in the paper. 2

3. Colouring the glass With colour pencils there is no order as such to follow like there is with paint. So a more ad hoc approach is taken. I start by using an electric eraser and remove any areas of tone where the highlights will be. Areas like around the rim of the glass and the little bright spots of reflection. Next the areas of dark black can be laid in. Next the tones in the areas of the glass between the dark areas can be laid in. If you refer to the photo image you will notice there is tones of blue, purples and yellows. Build up the tones slowly until you are satisfied with the depth of tone. Lay yellows into the base of the glass and remove any areas of tone with an electric eraser. If you look at the print out you will notice light blues in the base of the glass also so lay these in too. 3

3 1 2 5 4. Laying in the shadow The shadow is dark and fades out the further it is from the glass. Lay down the blue first and build up the tone slowly. Once the blue is on lay black over the blue. Again build the tone up until you reach the desired density. If you refer to the image of the glass you will see that there are areas of bright light showing through the shadow. Use the electric eraser to remove the tone in the appropiate area and then colour with Peach. 4

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Material List

  • Ultra-Soft Colour Pencils Signature 18pc
  • Electric Eraser Signature
  • Drawing Set Signature 8pc
  • Sketch Pad Signature 150gsm 25 Sheet A3 297 x 420mm (11.7 x 15.5in)

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