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Draw a comic book hero

Create a comic book Hero! Step 1 Brain Storming Session! Grab a pen and a piece of paper and start coming up with some idea’s about your Super Hero. What kind of special abilities do they have? Does he or she wear a particular uniform? Try to come up with a core group of skills and abilities that represent your hero. Brain Storming is challenging, but it is also very rewarding. Once you have some ideas solidified its time to start your model sheet! Step 2 Time to create a Model Sheet! Model Sheets are a professional method that real comic book artists use to create characters. Once created, your Model Sheet will be used as a reference point so when you are drawing your Hero you can refer back and make sure he or she looks the same. I begin to draw over my template, building up a body, I use simple shapes like circles, rectangles and ovals to construct the body and when I am happy with his overall shape I begin to draw in his features and his Super Hero Costume. As a part of this PDF you will find a Model Sheet Template, feel free to use this one I’ve given you, but as you get more confident you can come up with your own.

Step 4 Now that I have my Model Sheet I can now use it to create a dynamic drawing of my Hero! I refer back to my sheet as I quickly pencil up some ideas for my heroic pose. I use loose flowing lines, I throw his cape out to make it look exciting, I have explosion lines radiating away from the figure. Just remember to keep it exciting. Remember build up your figure with simple shapes, getting darker and bolder as you progress. Step 5 Now that I am happy with my preliminary sketch and I have my Model Sheet its time to work on my Splash Page. A Splash Page is used to sell your character, it normally has an exciting feel to it and it is a perfect portfolio piece along side your model sheet. I grab a Blue Colour Clicker Pencil and I begin to sketch. I refer to both pieces of reference and begin to build up my Hero. When I am happy with how he is progressing I start to work in 2B pencil, I also draw in the cross hatching lines, preparing me for the inking stage. I like to use Blue Pencil as rubbing out with an eraser constantly can damage your page. If you are rubbing it out use a Mont Marte kneadable eraser as they are very forgiving to your paper. Step 3 I grab some Mont Marte Tracing Paper and I quickly trace my Hero. I just want to grab his features up off the paper so I can refer to it. I also begin to consider the material qualities of his costume, black shiny boots, a shiny belt, a ripped cape. All these things I ink onto my Model Sheet so I can refer to them later. Play with your line weights so you get interesting effects with ink.

Step 6 Finally I ink the splash image of my Hero. I use a variety of Pen techniques to get different effects, I also use large area’s of black and I vary my line weight and stroke length. I build up the details till I feel my Super Hero is complete. After the ink is dry you can use an eraser to rub out your pencil leaving the ink behind and there you have it, your Hero is complete! I hope you have enjoyed my process to creating your own individual Comic Book Hero and I look forward to seeing your Hero, so make sure you send an image to us on FaceBook. captain ronnie says Keep on Creating!

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  • Fine Tip Markers Signature 12pc
  • Kneadable Erasers Signature 2pc
  • Tracing Paper Pad 60gsm A3 40 Sheet

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