06 Oct 2021Mont Marte

Meet Jayde Chandler (@jayde_chandler_art), a contemporary artist living in outback Queensland. She dedicates her creativity to the Australian landscape, taking her deep love and connection to the land and combining it with her passion for bold and joyous colours.

Learn more about Jayde’s story and how she expresses herself through her multi-layered pieces.

Jayde sitting in her studio behind an abstract outback Australia painting.

How did you get started painting? What tools got you by, and how did you grow from there?

I am completely self-taught, and I was initially hoping to find a creative release – something that was just for me after a long time focusing on my four kids and property. I always knew that I wanted to give painting a go, and the desire to create texture was something I wanted to explore.

When I first began experimenting two and a half years ago, I raided my husband’s work shed to find any tool that resembled a palette knife. After varying degrees of success, it didn’t take long for me to hop online and start purchasing the appropriate equipment needed. Once I discovered Mont Marte impasto to mix with my acrylics, I was blown away. Now I have an extensive range of palette knives and brushes and always insist on the highest quality canvases and acrylics to work with.  

What’s your favourite personal story in your painting journey?

I am so lucky to have had so many affirming experiences with this journey. I think my favourite would have to be after completing my first painting, a 40cm x 40cm landscape. I tentatively showed my husband for his feedback, and he told me that I should show people and enter it into the local art exhibition. I was far too afraid at the time, so he suggested that I auction it to raise money for drought relief instead. So many people were struggling in the drought that year so, I agreed. He gave me the courage to press enter and show my art to the world, which is something I may have never done by myself. My small piece raised $2,000 for a very good cause, and the experience gave me lots of positive feedback. This led me to open an Instagram account for my art, and shortly after, I was approached by my first art gallery and stockists.

It’s hard to be your own champion, especially when you have no experience. Starting out and baring your soul to be judged is terrifying, but sometimes you just need one believer to help you press enter.

An abstract painting on a canvas in the outback on an easel.

When did you learn your current art style?

My current style evolved from the first time I attempted painting with a palette knife. I had no idea what I was doing or even trying to achieve, but as my hand dragged the paint across the canvas, my mind picked out the shapes in the form of clouds and trees. It was all accidental and completely experimental and quickly developed into my signature style.

Which is your favourite medium to work with?


I love working with heavy bodied acrylics and impasto – they’re my go-to’s to create heavily textured palette knife art. I also enjoy adding in oil pastels, pen, charcoal when the desire strikes.

Art and fashion collaboration with scarves.

What is your favourite art style and why?

I actually have a few favourite styles, but they all have the same things in common: heavy texture, layers, imperfection and a story. I am a big lover of abstract expressionism, gestural mark-making and impressionism, but the finesse of a contemporary landscape is equally appealing.

What is it about the Australian outback that inspires you so much?


I was born and raised on my parent’s cattle property in outback Queensland, and I think that when you grow up with so much space and freedom, it becomes a part of you. The peacefulness, the animals, the ever-changing landscape and those glorious skies are truly unique to Australia. For someone who is a keen observer and admirer of natural beauty, the colours of every day and the emotion they bring are deeply inspiring.

Jayde Chandler and her family smiling in the outback with the family dog.

What are you looking forward to next in your art journey?

I am looking forward to more exhibitions, more experimenting, developing new ideas for different series and discovering how I can better share my story through my art. Connecting further with my collectors and developing friendships with other artists, curators, and art lovers is also something I can’t wait to do. 

What values has art taught you?

Patience – with myself and my practice in developing my own voice and style, it all takes time. 

Determination – to continue on and grow.

Appreciation – of my surroundings, I have always enjoyed admiring the smaller details in life, but this has been magnified. Also, of the people who have been brought into my life, because of this journey and the kindness and opportunities that come with them.

Trust – trusting your instincts when it comes to with whom you decide to deal with, the direction and development of your work.

Art and fashion collaboration with four brightly coloured abstract style scarves, tied on a fence.

What was your experience collaborating with Greenwood Designs and venturing into the fashion world?


Collaborating with Greenwood Designs was such a fun project. Kate’s vision of taking my work and having it translated onto high-quality fabric for a limited edition run of scarves was a fantastic concept. I adore fashion, and making my work accessible to a different audience in such a beautiful way was hugely appealing. Plus, we are both country girls running businesses from regional areas, and our genuine collective desire was to share something beautiful with our clients and followers. Greenwood Designs were fabulous to work with and made the whole process so enjoyable.  

What’s your biggest motivation to get crafty?


My biggest motivation to get crafty is probably just to share joy. It is such a thrill to hear that something you have created brings joy to someone you may have never met – or ever will – perhaps on the other side of the world. It’s truly rewarding. 

 Jayde Chandler carrying a canvas in a field with child and dog.

We hope you loved getting to know Jayde Chandler, and her story inspires you to get creative.

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